Blue Poem



Representing the color of the gods, blue shines above all of them. Resembling families.


The raging color floods the sky like a color explosion shooting blue at every angle.


As strong as a mighty wave, mightier that a god, flees when he sees the sight of the endless darkness, black.


Blue floods the color of the Nile rapidly, giving orders to stay clean, giving people fresh water.


This immortal turns darker when his 12hr shift in the sky is over.


This internal ecstasy creator ruled for millions of years, and will rule longer in to the future.


Diary Of Mido

For lots of people in rural Egypt, water is one of their biggest needs. This adventure filled diary was written by Mido. A teen at the age of 13, Mido lived in a dry region 4 km away from the nearest water source on the Nile where he walked to every day to get water. This diary was later found by an infamous explorer named Aaron Wu, who went to the school called ISB.


Adventure At The Nile   October 10th, 2001

thIt was just an ordinary summer morning . Like many families in Egypt, our family lived near the Nile. Access to water in Egypt is almost nonexistent except close to the great river. But it was still 4 km away, a very long walk to get to the Nile. Most people don’t have cars or real transport where I live. Today, I stumbled down to the Nile to fetch a bucket of water. With the weather as hot as today, 34 degrees Celsius, it seemed even longer. I was sweating like I was a sprinkler.

When I arrived at the Nile I noticed that there was a big hold up. When I finally managed to get to the front of the crowd, I saw a group of angry crocodiles surrounding the Nile’s bank as far as a naked eye could see. They were in their habitat but had gathered in one place.

“OH NO!” I thought, “If I don’t come back with water I know I will be beaten!” This group of selfish animals didn’t seem like they wanted to move away from the Nile anytime soon.

I yelled bravely at the crocodiles and threw a rock at them, “Move your body, you lazy bunch of animals.” One of the crocodiles turned around, very confused. I was pretty sure that he was never disturbed like that. However, his confusion soon turned into rage!

He leaped at me, I managed to dodge the crocodile. I knew that if I didn’t fight back I had no chance of survival. I got up and picked up branch that fell of a dead tree. When the crocodile struck again, I smacked it with the branch. The blow was so hard that it made the crocodile fall and roll. When it got back up, I was expecting another round of fight, but the crocodile and the whole group just started running away. Everybody cheered and smiled at me.

When I got home my mom looked startled to see me. She said that she heard the news and was so proud but worried! She gave me a warm glass of milk and asked me to rest, she knew that I must have been exhausted.

The Great Trouble

Aaron WuThe Great Trouble, written by Deborah Hopkinson, is a historical fiction, which is based on the epidemic outbreak of The Blue Death in London 1854. Eel, a delivery boy in Lion Brewery as well as a “Mud lark” in the Thames river, is willing to do any hard works to earn an extra penny. He needs to protect his younger brother Henry from his stepfather, a man who is the nastiest of the nastiest. When the cholera first occurred in Broad Street, people believed that it came from the poisonous air. However Dr. Snow believes that the cholera is caused by the water. It is up to Eel and Dr. Snow to prove their theory about cholera to the town committee, before the blue death wipes out the whole town of Broad Street. However, on his way to Dr Snow after finding a critical clue on water contamination, Eel is kidnapped by his own stepfather. With all being said, is it still possible for him to protect Henry, and convince the committee?

     The Great Trouble, is full of mysteries and the author makes things clear, and shows you the full picture. The countless deaths, adventures and mysteries, draws the reader to the book. The author creates constant suspense, with different ranges of mysteries, leading to a shocking conclusion, both odd, and worthwhile. The Great Trouble is one of The Panda Book Nominees, suitable for young readers at the age of 5th to 6th grade. It is a mixture of mysteries, love, effort, and determination, which makes the climax very intense. After reading this book, readers would search to find another book about an event or outbreak that took place in history, also thinking about whether or not cholera still roams in their communities. Anyone who studies history and is passionate about, never forgotten dates in history, would very well enjoy this book. This book has all that is needed to get 5 stars.