Earthquake Disaster

My name is Raptor, I live in a 2 room apartment, with my wife, 2 year old son, and 3 year old daughter. I am a ETC who works for the United States, I was sent here with my family to support some people who were having some physical problems.

Today was my first day off in my month of work, I had planned this day, as a time to spend with my lovely family. I was crossing a long bridge and was just about to exit when suddenly everything came crashing down, I opened the door of my car and shoved my family out.  Then came the cold water.

QSHHHH, it rushed in at such a quick speed, I almost passed out. I swam out of the barrier which was holding me back, and broke into the surface. My lungs were burning and it flt like I was about to die. I looked around desperately for my precious family. I saw my wife and my son sitting on the shore, as I swam over relieved, I started to notice that my son was missing! Where was he?!

Si Chuan Earthquake

What was I doing 3 hours prior to the disaster?

I was painting a lovely picture of the city, to capture the sunrise. I was in a crowd of 50 people. Today somehow felt a little different from some other days, the animals that I was trying to capture acted very agitated, I knew something was up I just didn’t know what.

I tried my best to focus on my painting, but even I couldn’t paint properly. I told the crowd that I was performing to that they should come back tomorrow to watch me paint. I got on to my blue Sabura, and slowly drove home. I lived in a one story flat in the country side. Just when I parked the car, there was a massive shaking, then the roof of my house collapsed. I ran inside to grab my family, but I couldn’t find them. Could they be at the grocery store, or trapped under the roof.