Representative Democracy

It’s all for Human Rights.


I’m Raptor Wu, my job is a full time EMT, you could refer to me as the blood cell of Sichuan. I am not an important person in the economic status, but my job is very vital.  In our future we want a society of equality and human rights, not a society of terror.


Not only would this help us but our future generations. A community that grants all of these factors has to be one that is currently runned properly, and not corrupted. This future community should be governed using Representative Democracy, giving the people what they deserve.


Representative Democracy gives all citizens the choice to vote. A president is elected every certain-period-of-time to represent the country. Everyone can campaign if they wish.


Another reason why is because people can choose some of the countries political moves and issues and how to solve them. Of course the people can’t control what the military does, and how the country is runned it self.


You may argue that representative democracy isn’t a perfect community and that there are still a lot of deaths and murders, so what we need is a utopian government. But have you ever noticed that all utopian government have ended up changing into a dystopian society, also the governing people, have too much power, and start becoming evil? Is this the community that we are desiring for?


Representative democracy is the government that is needed to run the country properly. Phoenix city can be a new opportunity in life for many people. Didn’t we always want a way to improve our country? Well let’s take this opportunity to change the world. We are stabilizing building lets stabilize the government too.







Socratic Seminar

Today our class had a Socratic Seminar discussion. I believe that we did very well in describing and building off people’s topic as a group. The places that  I strengthened in was bringing people into the conversation.

I believe that as a group places that we need to improve on is taking turns in speaking. Because in both discussions we were always rushing. As a member of the discussion, I would personally like to make more relations to real life situations. Such as recent articles in the Newsela articles.