Setting of The Novel

The main protagonists in this story is Kayla Reed and Mfumble. The antagonists, consists of Zekeal, Nedra, and Global-1. In the book, Kayla and Mfumble are on the run from the Global Officers, to avoid capture.

On page 227, paragraph 3, the setting is in a dark forest located on a mountain. In this area, Zekeal and Nedra are hunting for Kayla, to bring her to Global- 1. Kayla has decided to hide in small cave, where she lays concealed by the darkness. Also on the 5th paragraph on page 227, it described that Kayla was slowly losing her cautiousness while listening to the crickets and other insects. Again on the last paragraph on page 227, a pair of hands grabs her. She sat up smacking her head against the roof of the cave, meaning that the cave is very low, also the author writes that she grabs at rocks in the cave, Kayla in this scene is showing that she is very desperate, to resist against this outer force.

On Page 143, paragraph 2, Kayla was at home with her drunken mother, when suddenly the fire alarm went off, she charged down the stairs to find out that her mother Ashley Reed was trying to burn the tattoo of her skin. Her sleeve was already on fire, the fire slowly started to spread on to the curtain. The setting in this part of the story is a house, which is going up in flames. The main protagonist Kayla, the fire in the setting, causes Kayla to have a strong determination to save her mother from the fire. Also seeing her mother on fire, she becomes a little frantic. On page 143, Paragraph 4, Kayla screamed “Drop down and Roll!” This shows worry and anxiousness.

On Page 191, paragraph 5, Kayla has been on the run for a long time. She arrives at a cabin where a half eaten chicken is lay uncovered.

She creeps in attempting to steal the poultry, when suddenly to arms pushes a trap door near her feet open, she rushes over to a knife, and grabs it firmly in her hand. Here Kayla is very shocked and scared. She was scared that the person who is pushing the trap door, would arrest her, and her mission to not get a tattoo would be over. Kayla is also extremely shocked, she was not expecting that somebody would still be awake at this late time period.

The setting in the novel heavily effected how Kayla, the main protagonist reacted in the book. Most of the time Kayla was scared and was trying to stay away from Global-1 officers. She started from a normal girl, who was talented in art, to a law breaker who was considered a murderer.








Lit Circle Summary

Kayla Reed the main protagonist of the story is currently a person wanted by the Global Officers. She is a fugitive who is charged, for not getting the bar code tattoo, homicide of her other, an arson of her house.

Kayla was on the run, when she found out that her face was on the news and that officers were after her. When she walked into a pub to get a drink, the waiter looked at her, and froze on spot.

Kayla had to run where ever she was. Finally she came across this lady who also did not support the bar code tattoo. She gave Kayla a fake stick on tattoo to last her for a while.

When Kayla went into a restaurant to get some food, she was knocked over by a waiter. The waiter frantically tried to help Kayla up, but she evaded the gaze of anyone, before anyone could see her face.

Now everybody was on the look for her from the skies to the seas. The only mean of fast transportation was to constantly hide in cars that were going in the same direction as her.

One day the car that she was riding in, crashed, due to the fact that the driver had had a heart attack. She then had to take refuge in the forest. This is where she came across Mfumble her long lost friend.


POW is a game when everyone gets into one big circle. Either Harry Or I Will stand in the middle. We will point at someone and say POW. The person who got pointed at, has to duck as quickly as they can. The 2 people standing beside the person who ducked, has to point at each other and yell POW! Whoever yells it first stays alive and the person who lost is OUTTTTTTT!!!!!

When there are only 2 people left in the game. We will have a stand out. The last 2 opponents will stand back to back, and start walking. When I say, FIRE. The 2 opponents will turn around and yell POW at each other as fast as they can, the same rules apply.

My Personal Goals

Semester Goal

Personal Goals

My personal goal for this semester is to swim at least 15 hours a week. Since I want to break 2 minutes and 15 seconds for my 200 freestyle by the end of this semester. Right now I am only swimming 13 hours a week.


My Second personal goal is to play under 90 strokes for 18 holes in golf. Right now I usually play around 93 strokes. I can achieve this goal if I practice more and right down my thoughts about what I feel after every game.


School Goals

My first semester goal for school is to achieve a 4 in Chinese. Right now I am constantly getting a 3. I believe I can achieve this goal if I speak more Chinese during the class. Since right now I am still speaking a bit too much English.


My second semester goal is to lock my locker. I haven’t been locking my locker since I find it very hassling, but who knows when my belongings might be stolen. I can achieve this goal by writing a small note on y locker door.