The Rules of The Characters

­­            “The Rules of the Game”, Written by Amy Tan, is a realistic fiction novel about a young girl who is very talented in chess. She has many characteristics that are very similar to mine, for example perseverance, and sensitivity.

Waverly Jong is a young girl who is named after the place she lives in San Francisco, Chinatown, she is the protagonist. She began to enjoy chess after her brother got a chess set as a present. As Waverly began to practice more and researched more on the game of chess, she became really good. Soon Waverly entered in a local chess tournament. This shows that she is a girl that works really hard, and pursues all of her interest.  In this quote from the story shows that Waverly is talented in chess and people are suggesting her to go to a local chess tournament. “A man who watched me play in the park suggested that my mother allow me to play in local chess tournaments” (Tan 6). She also seems to be kind of short tempered, because she got unhappy when her mother showed her own opinion. In this quote Waverly shows her own emotions. “I was annoyed but I couldn’t say anything” (7).  This shows her anger and annoyance. Waverly lastly is brave and doesn’t mind trying out new things, since she was willing to go play chess with a stranger that she never met, that is where she learnt all the new and special moves which brought her to the local chess competitions.28621318040_3095a2fb1c

Waverly is similar and different to me in many ways. On the last page of the story, Waverly knocked over an old lady’s belonging’s since she was mad, she did not help pick up the mess that she made. “Mei mei, Mei mei”. (9).  Waverly’s mother shouted to Waverly as she ran home, as she was left behind. This is a lot like me, is because when I am either really angry or very sad I would always try to run away from everybody. Also when people blindly insist on their own opinion, I get really angry but I couldn’t say something mean. It appears that Waverly is vulnerable mentally, and would easily be embarrassed or sad. This happens to me in almost the exactly same way as it does to her. Once when I was very young I was riding my bike so quickly I fell. Usually I wouldn’t cry, but the incident took place in front of a lot of people. I was extremely embarrassed and ran to hide behind a tree.

Waverly and I have many similarities such as perseverance and sensitivity, and our actions when it comes to specific situations are identical.

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