Jane Eyre

The book “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte, is a classic novel about a young girl’s journey in love. The dialogue in the story portrays a lot about how the character feels and thinks about situations in the book.

In this passage Jane shows that she no longer has emotions for her previous lover Rochester, after getting married for a short period of time.  “Mr. Rochester, I no more assign this fate to you than I grasp at it for myself. We were born to strive and endure – you as well as I do: do so. You will forget me before I forget you.” (Bronte 446) In this passage Jane Eyre is beginning to deny the lavishing love which Rochester is giving her.  Recently in the story Jane married Mr. Rochester, she later began to believe that she made up her mind too quickly began to resent her husband, which began the long quarrel they were going to be in.

Finally, Jane could not stand Rochester and decided to leave for good. “Farewell, farewell forever!” (450)  The author must have written the part to make the reader feel very uncomfortable. Although this passage is three words, it shows the pressure and pain the character was under. For the protagonist to express her feelings in such a straight forward manner, must mean that she had been holding in a substantial amount of pain for a long period of time.

After a few days of running away, Jane Eyre settled in a priest and his daughter’s house. “Do you like your house? Yes, very much.” (515) Conversation between Priest and Jane. The author began slowly to make the scene happier and happier. In this part of the book, Jane is beginning to finally start a new life in a new society, she also is beginning to feel comfortable around the new people. The reader now should begin to feel a bit of relief, and serenity.

Jane appears to be a girl that is too young for love, she easily got tricked by Rochester’s love, which at the end began to feel fake and conflicting with what he claimed to have said. Her reaction towards the dilemma she was in was very surprising and upright, instead of trying to persevere and endure for a solution, she fled to a new land, where she appears to be safe.


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