The Fault In Our Stars – Man VS Nature Conflict


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How Conflict is­­­ Resolved:

Conflict is something that everyone deals with every single day in their lives, but in the book The Fault in Our Stars, the two main protagonists are working against a much larger situation. The conflict in the story is man vs nature. Hazel, the main protagonist, was diagnosed with a terminal form of thyroid cancer at age 13. The second protagonist, Augustus Walters, another 16 year old teen, is diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a cancerous tumor that grows in the bone.

Hazel Grace Lancaster, is a 16-year-old teenager, who battled cancer and won. The author wrote about Hazel personality as a typical teenager, short tempered, likes boys, and caring about what others think about her. But behind all this Hazel is worried, the author portrayed this message very clearly. Hazel knows that one she will die, and nature(cancer) will win over her, but she’s concerned about her parents, especially her mother, in which they might no longer have a life if she leaves them. She refers to herself as a grenade, and when she dies (explodes) it would have a ripple effect on the people around her. As the story goes on Hazel doesn’t seem to be getting worse. It appears that the only problem she is facing currently is her breathe problems. “The cylindrical green tank (oxygen tank) …” (8) and “I was still hooked to the Bi-pap…” (292). These two passages were taken from the beginning and the end of the book. This shows that during the story Hazel still managed to maintain her health better than Augustus. Since from the start to the end, Hazel did not change her medication heavily. She still uses the one device that helps her breathe. Augustus Waters, is also a 16-year-old teenager, but lost the fight to cancer. As the story progresses the author makes the decreasing health of Augustus more and more evident “…Replaced by this desperate humiliated creature sitting beneath me.” (Green 245).  In this passage, Hazel is looking down at Augustus, who had vomited all over himself inside his car, at 2:30 in the morning. This shows that not only is his health getting worse, but the people around him are thinking differently about him. Hazel now doesn’t even refer to him as a human, but as a desperate creature. Augustus finally died when the cancer spread to his heart. “She told me that he was unconscious before he died, 6 hours later.” (261). From this passage the reader can guess how much pain (oblivion) Augustus had gone through until his death. In this passage, Augustus’s mother called Hazel at 3:30 in the morning, telling her that Augustus had finally gone. Hazel was expecting this to happen sooner later. The night before Hazel left the hospital after her visit to see Augustus, his father whispered to her that it may be his last night. August is the man or the teenager in the conflict of man vs nature. He tried many ways to win over cancer, for example he used the unlit cigarette as a talisman like symbol, showing that he is trying to control the disease inside of him.  Augustus has the cigarette in his mouth but is not lighting it, in hope to annihilate the cancer from inside of him.

I understand what Hazel is going through, since my maternal grandmother also has a disease that has no cure, Alzheimer, which causes it’s victim to be in a state of delirium. 10 years ago, my grandmother began forgetting memories on a large scale, when my aunts took her to the hospital, the doctor explained to us that she had Alzheimer. From photos I see my grandmother as a fit, and cheerful lady, who was always smiling. No one would have expected that a decade later, she would be lying down in bed unable to move, speak, eat, and even remember who her husband is. During these 10 years, I saw grandmother go through all the stages till now. At first she just forgot some information and couldn’t remember what happened from two days ago. As time went she began forgetting her own children, and at the end, who she is. During this time, she had a stroke, preventing her from walking. Now she is no longer herself in a way, as my grandfather believes, a bad spirit has possessed her, causing her to react in such a manner. This is exactly like Hazel and Augustus. As the story progressed, Augustus’s health became worse, and came to a stage where he was vomiting and urinating on himself in bed. There are many ways you can relate the book The Fault in Our Stars with what is happening in real life. Can you relate any?



Journal # 1



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Fault In Our Stars – Rising Action


The movie poster which I did is based on the book, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I created it using mainly text boxes from Word Document. I tried to portray the main conflict in the Rising Action.

The current conflict in the book is true love versus “cancer” (Green 3). The Fault in Our Stars is a book about a girl named Hazel who is battling cancer, while having a love affair with Augustus Walters, the other main protagonist. However, cancer has been becoming a huge problem and always got in the way with her love life. Hazel planned a trip with Augustus to Amsterdam, but due to cancer” I can’t go” (118), both her parents and the doctors are forbidding her to do so. She is terribly sad but doesn’t give up hope.

In the poster I tried to focus on what the protagonist would be feeling. In the poster they are hugging each other which shows that they are really determined. Also to emphasize it I put a statement in bold text in the center.



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