The Throwback of The Century

Call me lonely. Perhaps I was, an single man, living in an run-down apartment with no means of company but my romantic novels. As a professor teaching in the Beijing University, I was one of the oldest, with the strictest, and most amount discipline. Knowing my treacherous students bad mouthing me behind my back, I was strong mentally.


The Cultural Revolution, led by Mao Ze Dong, brought dramatic changes to China. China was fully united into one strong nation after the Revolution, rebelling outer powers such as the United States of America, Japan, French, and Germany. Secondly, the general behavior of the people of China had been heavily affected by the revolution. To this day people are still haunted by the prospects of being caught by the government if they denounced Mao or any of his ideologies. Lastly, the goals of making a profit in China changed majorly to their industrial side, instead of relying fully on their agricultural means of profit. Due to this monumental change, China began to reach out to other country’s reestablishing many trading routes.

Although there are many changes, lots of things also stayed the same. Although after the Revolution China remained as a communist country, meaning their core ideas for ruling a country did not alter, and many of the citizens remained to respect Mao as a historical figure. Secondly, China is still relying heavily on their agricultural profits, although the government is working assiduously to turn the country into an industrial country.


The Earthquake of The Century



Why is your revolution important?

The Chinese Cultural Revolution is important because it united China as a full country.

What were people fighting for?

During the Revolution all the activists thought that they were fighting for their “Beloved Mao.” When truly the behind scenes Mao promoted revolutionary spirit to promote himself, and rise up in power.

What should people realize about your revolution be fore they watch the video?

Although many specific events took place during the revolution. One thing the audience must know before watching is that the Cultural Revolution did not take place for no reason. A lot of high classed people fought for power, while taking advantage of blindly patriotic citizens, mainly teenagers.