A Lifetime Being Cheque

It was a darkĀ  and gloomy day, Lawrence Exeter gave birth to a young baby boy. For him money was never an issue, and having a baby was just another place to use his prosperity. Life for Lawrence Exeter Jr was a dream, between fan and fiction.

With money being equivalent to oxygen, it would have been expected that the life of the baby boy would be filled with joy and luxury. But no, behind the family walls lay a dark secret. The father, Lawrence Exter Sr, was a infamous philanderer. Throughout his life he was married four times, and every marriage ended the same way. Cheating.

The Exeter family was a hidden tragedy, the darkness that lay behind the family business of Property Investment shook even the bravest men to the ground. In order for his son to not fall into the same trap door of depression, he was sent off to college at the mere age of 17.

College was never a good decision for Lawrence Jr. He did everything from mere robbery, to arson-age. But these were mere compared to the one fatal addiction the son had. Two months into college, gambling began to play a role in Lawrence Jr’s life. The prospects of making so much money was a dream for him. At his very lows he borrowed a large loan from the school, forcing his father to pay $339.00. After being expelled from five different Universities, not even bribery could get him in.

Life at this point was no longer bearable. His second wife had just caught him cheating, his properties had dropped in price, and his only son was in the depths of despair. To find a source of ecstasy, he began to visit Tony Spagoni, a corrupt pharmacist. He prescribed the “harmless pill” , TCA.

The pill did miracles