3 Ways Social Classes and Money Appear in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn:



  1. When you’re broke, picking trash could always get you a few cents.

– The protagonist would go and find recyclable items and sell to make some money. The money she makes can be used for her temporary happiness, such as buying small cadies at the candy shop, Cheap Charlie.


  1. When that tiny bit of cash reaches your hands, it’s like feeling gold.

– The protagonist could go into a shop and touch all the things she felt like getting, and when the clerk asked her if she was going to buy something, her response could be simply purchasing something. She enjoyed this feeling because it gave her relief from the poverty that she was living in.


  1. Being poor was not half bad, the bakers took pity in us and sold stale bread for half the original price.

– The protagonist lives a proletariat lifestyle, so that on most day her and her family could not afford a meal, and usually skipped lunch.  When the local bakers found out that their product had begun to go bad or stale, they sold it only to the poor for half the price. The reason they didn’t sell it to the rich was because the rich had money, and the bakers knew that they had to defend their reputation.