Science Project Reflection

1. Now that it’s over, what are my first thoughts about this overall project? Are they mostly positive or negative? Be specific

I thought that it was a great learning experience in helping me develop abilities to not only research, but in creating a project based on the research that I had conducted.

2. What were some of the most interesting discoveries I made while working on this project? About the problem? About myself?

Turns out the heat from the hot glue gun is high enough to melt a plastic bottle. (*found out the hard way when half my project began melting).

3. What were some of my most challenging moments and what made them so?

One of the most challenging moments for me was to find the documents and information needed for my research. Many websites portrayed different information that seemed very confusing after a given time period.

4. What were some of my most powerful learning moments and what made them so?

One powerful learning moment was while I was conducting my research. Throughout that time period, I truly saw for myself how large the problem of plastic polution was. Although I heard on multiple occasions that it was a rising problem globally, I never truly pictured the scenario in my head.

5. What is the most important thing I learned personally?

The most important thing I learned personally is to make sure I go into a project with a detailed plan and goal for each project day. The first project day my group had was almost a waste as we were very disorganized and wasn’t sure what was happening at the time.

6. What most got in the way of my progress, if anything?

Nothing seemed to get in my way, other than the confusion on the first day.

7. If in a team, how well did I and my team communicate overall?

As a team we worked together perfectly. My partner and I was able to equally seperate the work that we had to complete by a certain time period. We never argued about choices that had to be made as a group; instead we came to an agreement of a conclusion that both of us were satisfied with.

8. What did I learn were my greatest strengths? My biggest areas for improvement?

Seemingly my greatest strength was putting together a video with the limited time and resource constraints. I never really had the chance to work in this manner and I enjoyed it fully.

9. What would I do differently if I were to approach the same problem again?

PLAN PROPERLY before starting anything that we had to do.

10. What moments was I most proud of my efforts?

When my group mate and I were at the expo and many youngers kids found that our project was intresting and appealing.