October 23rd Class Reflection

During today’s English class we began to touch on “Green Rice”. We were introduced to many of the scenarios that took place during the Vietnam War. For starters, we were introduced to women’s participation in the war. Unlike traditional combat where women were employed to produce weaponry, they were now playing the same role as men on the battlefield and coordinating attacks. Furthermore, my group was assigned an article where we read about the experiences of women Vietnam War veterans who shared their individual experiences in the war. The common theme was that they were all ill and sick in health to some extent, yet their sheer patriotism and love for their country motivated them to carry on.


We also touch base on some of the detrimental effects that the weapons used in the war had on civilians and soldiers. The first one was an herbicide chemical called Agent Orange. It was used primarily to strip the forest of their foliage and reveal the Vietnam soldiers, known as “Gorillas”. This application of chemical warfare brought upon a huge crisis to the future generation of the Vietnamese population as there newborn was highly likely to have a birth defect if their parents were exposed to this chemical.

Writing and Reflection

What went well? What surprised you?

I was most surprised by the amount I was able to write. Granted, it isn’t an essential aspect if I can’t justify it, however, before writing, I thought that my biggest concern would be writing to the end of the page.

What is the area most in need of attention?

At this point, I feel that yet again, my analysis and interpretation in the conclusion paragraph requires the most work. I put insufficient evidence; however, the amount of explanation I gave in describing each piece of evidence was inadequate. Furthermore, for the conclusion, I should attempt to direct my reflection more towards a “literature” aspect, rather than connecting it to my own life.

What practical strategies can you develop to improve?

I would want to develop my skills in understanding (indepthly) on how to make my body paragraphs longer through further ANALYSIS. I feel that I will adequately be able to accomplish this in class through classwork and asking questions.

Write One Target For Your Next Piece?

For the next piece, instead of focussing on directly on the writing, I want to set my goal as to have answers to all my questions:

-How to write a thorough analysis?

-How to write a proper conclusion that includes an accurate reflection?