First Few Poem Thoughts: Green Rice

For the homework, we were asked to read through the first 6 poems of ‘Green Rice”. During class we focused on the study of the role of women in the Vietnam war. From this research, I learnt the extent of how challenging life was for these women and the struggles that they had to face on a daily basis. From Agent Orange: a herbicide to strip trees of leaves and foliage or Napalm bombs: fire bombs, all had detrimental effects on the health and well beings for many generations to come. Furthermore, we learnt that women, instead of playing the traditional role in history, were actually instructed to be fighting directly on the battlefield.


The relation to ‘Green Rice’ is that this book of poems depicts the same tragedies and catch-22 that the soldiers had to face. For example, the first poem quoted the feeling of bombs flying through the air and landing onto the grounds. The usage of pathos almost evokes a sense of despair and fright in the reader.

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