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What the poem says about the global issue?


The poem depicts the life of a falling soldier and his awaiting family. The poem is an accurate depiction of the life of the individual families and group that have to suffer the loss and pain for the national gain. The “general” or “leader” has full command over the choices of young men and women. When the nation wins the war, history only remembers the general or the leader. The countless amounts of innocent lives lost are forgotten and effaced from memory.

How the poet uses language, form, and structure to present the global issue?

The poet structures the poem in a way that it leads in chronological order. The development of the poem starts from a very peaceful setting that later develops to a more fearful and dark theme. The poet utilizes complex diction mainly in the first and last stanza. The first stanza uses words that have a connotation of joyful and peaceful. The last stanza changes this tone with dictions that evoke negative feelings.

Relevant quotations?

“the carefree leaves” (5)

“pretty child smiling” (2)

“the time passing by” (13)

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