Wealth at Different Levels

All of the poems in “The World’s Wife” has some significant relationship to the idea of feminism. However, the three poems that were chosen to have a specific theme of wealth and how it affects the lives of the subjected women in the story.


Queen Kong depicts a wealthy affluent family. The dictions and phrases that Carol Anne Duffy use to describe their lifestyle are “skyscraper”, “I’d been in Manhattan for a week”, and “finished his prize-winning films”. All of these terms and phrases show the symbol of aristocracy. Skyscrapers are expensive to build and not to mention live in, Manhattan is one of the most expensive cities to live in. The idea of film producer leads to the idea of fame in society, as global recognition is something that adds on to the main idea of wealth.


Mrs. Faust opens up an alternative perspective to the wealth gained by a family. In this story, the wealth of the family is shown as it grows from a relatively poorer group that saved to become wealthy. The struggles and processes were briefly stated in the first stanza. Phrases such as, “Mortgage on the house” and “We worked, we saved” shows the development of the family fortune.


Mrs. Lazarus is a depiction of struggling women with the loss of her husband. Her financial situation is depicted through the quotes, “slept in a single cott”. This represents her poverty struck situation and the disparities that come along with it. Without the presence of money and her husband her life seems to fall apart and collapse in front of her.


Throughout each poem the levels and conditions set forth by wealth are different. The first poem showed wealth from the very beginning, the second poem reflected an arduous step towards succeeding, and the third poem represents the difficulties and struggles of being without a companion and wealth. Duffy seemingly used to poems to portray each standard and reflect societal judgment and views upon each economic standard. The wealthy being very affluent and powerful when it comes to societal influence, and the poor having little to no significance at all.

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