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World War 2 Children Soldiers:


This article depicts the atrocious crimes that were committed by employing child soldiers to fight during the Second World War. This desperate attempt was commanded by Hitler to try to fight off Allied forces for the last stand before losing the war. The article depicts the cruelty and the child like innocence of some of the children as they were walking into the face of war. However, the article differs in the fact that in Queen Herod, the direct slaughtering of young children are ordered, while in the case of the Second World War the children were seemingly sent to their deaths to fight for the cause of the war and the nation.


Racism in The United States:


This article depicts the current situation of racism in the United States. It states that although the nation has come a long way from slavery, the judgements and remarks of racism are still very prevalent through the business place and educational facilities. The article depicts of certain cases that fueled the idea of racism (ie. The attacks of 9/11 that caused national panic towards any Asian region country). This has the relation to Grendel, as both showed cases of severe discrimination. Grendel for his appearance and the cases in the United States for their race (which in turn is still the appearance). This article differs from the actual text in the fact that it is a non-fiction and describes a very real and present scenario that takes place on a daily basis. Furthermore, in the text “Grendel” the author adds various emotions and areas of personal interpretation for the reader, while in the article the writer simply recounts the situation that was taking place while adding little to no personal emotion.

















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