Second IO Reflection

What went well? What were you most happy with?

Based on the feedback that I received from the IO, I am most happy with the fact that I was able to successfully interpret the meaning and the idea behind both poems from both works. I liked that I tried to apply the structure as much as I could to help maintain the order throughout the IO.

What was your biggest surprise?

I was surprised that it seems as if “Queen Herod” was my weaker analysis in comparison the “Custard Apple Tree”. While presenting my IO, I was almost certain that “Custard Apple Tree” was lacking. However, after reading my feedback I was able to tell that my “Queen Herod” analysis was not indepth enough and did not tie the poetic devices back to the main idea.

What one thing can you identify that will make the biggest improvement to your grade?

It would DEFINETLY be creating a stronger analysis that links to the global issue consistently. Although I was able to make a slight improvement in that area in comparison to the last IO, it is still something that I need to put in a large amount of work into.


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