Murakami vs Norwegian Wood:

How Does the Article Relates to Themes and Issues in Norwegian Wood?


Time: Throughout Norwegian Wood, John Lennon writes about his affair in the word choice of songs and lyrics. Through the lyrics it can be identified how the mood and attitude of the Lennon changes and progressively becomes darker. In the article by Murakami, he writes about his past experiences, starting from the time he was born to where he had gotten now.


What Global Issues the Article May Present, and How These Are Present in Norwegian Wood?


The global issue of “the value of the many, overrule the value of the one”. In the article, Marukami was always committing actions that were against societies belief of what was right. His family wanted him to become an esteemed office worker, yet he opened a jazz club. Furthermore, during the period of post-war Japan, the nation was focusing primarily on rebuilding its economy, thus aspects of Marukami’s writings appealed to the readers. These are present in Norwegian Wood through the idea that many of the actions that the persona committed are strictly against the rules in our society, yet seemingly lenient at the time the song was written.

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