I Feel I Have Achieved a 6!


Criterion A: (8)

Throughout my IO I made sure that every point that I made had a direct correlation with the global issue. I also explained in detail how certain points and development led to the overarching meaning of the global issues and the implications that came with it.

For my evidence choices, I focused more on the characteristics of the character and the setting as these were the pieces of evidence that directly supported the conclusions that I was able to draw.


Criterion B: (7)

Through the notes that I took in class and a multiple practice annotation that I did in and outside of the classroom, I felt that my analysis of the text went much further than just the surface of the analysis. I not only represented what the “literary devices” meant, but at multiple occasions I explained what effect the specific implications and literary devices had on the reader.


Criterion C: (10)

I felt that without doubt this was my strongest aspect of the IO. It was perfectly paced at just exactly the 10-minute marker. Furthermore, I made sure that during the practice and the actual IO that the analysis and interpretations of both works were clearly and evenly split. Lastly, I spent an extended amount of time working on my introduction and conclusion to make sure that I summarized my points thoroughly and had a clear transition.


Criterion D: (5)

I felt that the language that I used throughout my IO was formal and proper. The dictions that I chose to incorporate adequately represented the information that I was trying to convey to the listener. However, it was evident at times that certain word choices that I was using was repetitive and not as complex as they could have been. Overall, the language I used was very clear, but I do feel that it could be more complex.


Overall Score: (6) 30/40




The parts that I thought went really well for me was the structure and how my IO progressed. Because of this, I was able to have a good analysis of both texts and have time to make a solid conclusion.


The one aspect that I feel that I need to put more work on is the vocabulary choices that I made throughout the analysis part of my IO. Although the words that I chose were able to accurately convey the meaning that I was trying to pass on

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