IO Final Reflection Work

Who was more generous, you or me?


I was, but only by literally 1 point.


Why might any differences between grades have occurred?


I initially thought that my quotes were very good, but I failed to realize that some of my quotes were a little too long.


What surprised you about your grade?


At first, I didn’t understand why my “Focus and Organization” criteria wasn’t higher. But after reading through the bullet points that I had made and listening to the recording, I noticed at some parts of my analysis, the level of depth that I went into could be deeper.


What change do you think will have the biggest impact on your grade?


I feel that one huge aspect that could improve my grade is if I slowed down. I noticed that I was speaking extremely quickly especially nearing the end. If I just corrected this one aspect, my language grade would be able to be higher.


How will you ensure this change is actioned?


The first thing that I would need to work on is how long my actual presentation is. I felt that as I had a lot of information, I was struggling to complete everything at the end. Furthermore, a huge contributing factor was how nervous I was. I remember stressing about it for two days, and on the day of the IO I couldn’t even focus on the other tests that I had on that day.

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