This project was a great learning experience for me! I am proud of the amount of effort that I put into this piece of work. For example making the info-graphic took a lot of time. I wished that my writing for my magazine could be slightly longer and more informative, I also spotted some grammar mistakes. I learnt that when I go to a field trip, I should pay attention to what is going on, on previous years I realized that I went on trips purely for playing with my friends, this year I just tried paying attention. This made putting the information into my infographic easy to make. I feel that I greatly improved my collaboration at the end of the project.

The Periling Pearl

Imagine your life after winning a huge lottery, or getting three cherries in a Casino, The Pearl written by John Steinbeck is about a pearl hunter, who found the pearl of the world. Kino the main protagonist finds the pearl of the world, a glory that one could only dream of. The main theme in this book is greed as an oppressive force.


In the book, Kino’s baby boy Coyotito got stung by a scorpion. Unable to pay for a doctor, Kino went to hunt for a Pearl that could cover the cost of the treatment. “All manners of people grew interested in Kino- people with things to sell and people with favors to ask. Kino had found the Pearl of the World.” (Steinbeck 22) After Coyotito, Kino’s baby got stung by the scorpion, they went to the doctor in hopes of treatment. After a long period of time, the servant of the doctor notified them that the doctor was not home and was called away. This was a lie since the doctor was at home resting, Kino was turned away because he was a poor native, who could not offer treatment. Later that morning, Kino and his wife Juana, took their family canoe to go diving for Pearls. Juana’s prayers for finding a large Pearl was answered. Kino surfaced the largest pearl that either one of them has ever seen, also at the presence of the Pearl, Coyotito’s sting disappeared. The word that Kino had found a Pearl of great worth spread like wildfire. Everyone came to congratulate Kino, who let them gaze upon his amazing find. That evening the local priest came over to bless him for his fortune, and reminded him of his position in the church. Shortly after two dark figures approach the house, Kino identified them as the doctor and his servant. The doctor claimed to be busy at the time, but rushed over as soon as possible. At first Kino, enraged, attempted to get rid of the doctor, but was soon skeptic, when the doctor mentioned the possibility of an infection. The doctor prescribed a white powder, laced into water, which was given to the baby. An hour later the doctor returned to Kino’s house, at the time the baby was growing violently ill, and fed the baby a potion which calmed it’s squirming. After all the treatment is done, the doctor slyly inquired on how he would be paid. The next morning Kino and his wife headed to a pearl dealer, where they planned to get a great sum of money from selling the Pearl. Kino’s cousin warned him that the dealers would try to cheat them and get it for a cheap price. At the end of the day Kino was unable to find an honest dealer, who would offer him a good price. This passage shows greed in a negative way. The doctor who was at first turning a blind eye towards Kino’s dying baby, suddenly was concerned and worried about its wellbeing after the discovery of the pearl. Also the Priest, an individual who was supposedly pure, and treated all the poor and wealthy equally, also went over to Kino to baptize his baby, marry him and his wife, and give him blessing. The pearl dealer, only had money on their minds and was willing to do anything to get the pearl from Kino. It is not only these individuals who are greedy, every person has a natural instinct, that allows them to have a desire to receive an item. “I had not heard of it. Do you keep this pearl in a safe place? Perhaps you would like me to put it in my safe?” (34) Although now stated directly, it is very clear that the doctor wants to find a way to gain access to the Pearl. Greed has impacted the main protagonist in a very negative way. Kino had a lovely family going, until the arrival of the Pearl. The Pearl itself is a very pure object, but human greed pollutes it. In order to protect the pearl Kino become very defensive, and no longer shows the love and care to his fellow natives.




Sewol: (1994-2014) Sunken


Citation: Ap, Raphael Ahren and Alexander Fulbright, Tamar Pileggi, Stuart Winer, Sue Surkes, Times Of Israel Staff, Ilan Ben Zion, Times of Israel Staff and AFP, Raphael Ahren, AFP And Raphael Ahren, Niv Elis, and Judah Ari Gross. “Fears Grow for 283 Missing in Korea Ferry Disaster.” The Times of Israel. N.p., 16 Apr. 2014. Web. 02 May 2017.


In the real world thousands of people’s lives are jeopardized due to the greed of others. Based on The Times of Israel, over a 110 people die annually, due to accidents caused by not having proper material and funding. Based on an CNN article 283 innocent ferry passengers died, due to the greed of a private business company. “Yonhap news agency said the 146-meter (480-foot) -long ship, which travels twice a week between Incheon and Jeju, was built in Japan in 1994 and could carry a maximum of 921 people, 180 vehicles and 152 shipping containers.” Based on later statistics, Sewol was carrying almost triple of what it was authorized to contain. Eventually, when the ferry was sinking, specialist analyzed that the time taken for the boat to sink was 54 minutes, but due to overload of weight from shipping containers and humans, it took under half an hour to submerge the entire boat.

The greed of others has yet again caused the death of a total of 297 people. People who are higher in the economic status, take of advantage of others to make money. In this case both the owner of the Ferry and the private business owner, allowed the overload of shipping crates in order to save time and money. Human greed is one of the largest enemies known to man kind, it corrupts many, and endangers others, do you know any others?

John Steinbeck Nobel Prize

The Pearl Review





The Ways of the Revolution

I compared pages 22-24 of the novel Red Scarf Girl, written by Ji Li Jiang, with an article from the book China’s Cultural Revolution, called Red Guards Smash the Four Olds. The two articles that I picked were both mainly about Smashing the Four Olds, but it touched on the major turning points such as, “The End of the Revolution.” Although the subject was the same, the non-fiction article stated more in-depth information about specific actions taken to destroy the Four Olds.  To conclude, through all the analysis of the text, the two passages have many similarities, but much more differences. Overall, “Red Scarf Girl” was still written to mainly tell a story, while “China’s Cultural Revolution” was written to give information to the reader.

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The Throwback of The Century

Call me lonely. Perhaps I was, an single man, living in an run-down apartment with no means of company but my romantic novels. As a professor teaching in the Beijing University, I was one of the oldest, with the strictest, and most amount discipline. Knowing my treacherous students bad mouthing me behind my back, I was strong mentally.


The Cultural Revolution, led by Mao Ze Dong, brought dramatic changes to China. China was fully united into one strong nation after the Revolution, rebelling outer powers such as the United States of America, Japan, French, and Germany. Secondly, the general behavior of the people of China had been heavily affected by the revolution. To this day people are still haunted by the prospects of being caught by the government if they denounced Mao or any of his ideologies. Lastly, the goals of making a profit in China changed majorly to their industrial side, instead of relying fully on their agricultural means of profit. Due to this monumental change, China began to reach out to other country’s reestablishing many trading routes.

Although there are many changes, lots of things also stayed the same. Although after the Revolution China remained as a communist country, meaning their core ideas for ruling a country did not alter, and many of the citizens remained to respect Mao as a historical figure. Secondly, China is still relying heavily on their agricultural profits, although the government is working assiduously to turn the country into an industrial country.


The Earthquake of The Century



Why is your revolution important?

The Chinese Cultural Revolution is important because it united China as a full country.

What were people fighting for?

During the Revolution all the activists thought that they were fighting for their “Beloved Mao.” When truly the behind scenes Mao promoted revolutionary spirit to promote himself, and rise up in power.

What should people realize about your revolution be fore they watch the video?

Although many specific events took place during the revolution. One thing the audience must know before watching is that the Cultural Revolution did not take place for no reason. A lot of high classed people fought for power, while taking advantage of blindly patriotic citizens, mainly teenagers.

Fault In Our Stars – Rising Action


The movie poster which I did is based on the book, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I created it using mainly text boxes from Word Document. I tried to portray the main conflict in the Rising Action.

The current conflict in the book is true love versus “cancer” (Green 3). The Fault in Our Stars is a book about a girl named Hazel who is battling cancer, while having a love affair with Augustus Walters, the other main protagonist. However, cancer has been becoming a huge problem and always got in the way with her love life. Hazel planned a trip with Augustus to Amsterdam, but due to cancer” I can’t go” (118), both her parents and the doctors are forbidding her to do so. She is terribly sad but doesn’t give up hope.

In the poster I tried to focus on what the protagonist would be feeling. In the poster they are hugging each other which shows that they are really determined. Also to emphasize it I put a statement in bold text in the center.



Background Photo: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/sites/default/files/imagecache/news_portrait/2014/01/the_fault_in_our_stars_p.jpg







The Rules of The Characters

­­            “The Rules of the Game”, Written by Amy Tan, is a realistic fiction novel about a young girl who is very talented in chess. She has many characteristics that are very similar to mine, for example perseverance, and sensitivity.

Waverly Jong is a young girl who is named after the place she lives in San Francisco, Chinatown, she is the protagonist. She began to enjoy chess after her brother got a chess set as a present. As Waverly began to practice more and researched more on the game of chess, she became really good. Soon Waverly entered in a local chess tournament. This shows that she is a girl that works really hard, and pursues all of her interest.  In this quote from the story shows that Waverly is talented in chess and people are suggesting her to go to a local chess tournament. “A man who watched me play in the park suggested that my mother allow me to play in local chess tournaments” (Tan 6). She also seems to be kind of short tempered, because she got unhappy when her mother showed her own opinion. In this quote Waverly shows her own emotions. “I was annoyed but I couldn’t say anything” (7).  This shows her anger and annoyance. Waverly lastly is brave and doesn’t mind trying out new things, since she was willing to go play chess with a stranger that she never met, that is where she learnt all the new and special moves which brought her to the local chess competitions.28621318040_3095a2fb1c

Waverly is similar and different to me in many ways. On the last page of the story, Waverly knocked over an old lady’s belonging’s since she was mad, she did not help pick up the mess that she made. “Mei mei, Mei mei”. (9).  Waverly’s mother shouted to Waverly as she ran home, as she was left behind. This is a lot like me, is because when I am either really angry or very sad I would always try to run away from everybody. Also when people blindly insist on their own opinion, I get really angry but I couldn’t say something mean. It appears that Waverly is vulnerable mentally, and would easily be embarrassed or sad. This happens to me in almost the exactly same way as it does to her. Once when I was very young I was riding my bike so quickly I fell. Usually I wouldn’t cry, but the incident took place in front of a lot of people. I was extremely embarrassed and ran to hide behind a tree.

Waverly and I have many similarities such as perseverance and sensitivity, and our actions when it comes to specific situations are identical.