Useless machine

During the second semester, I worked on a “useless machine“. Its function is to turn off the switch when you turn it on using a linkage & slider motion, for mine I chose to use movement 175 out of the 507 movements. This movement consists of a spinning motion and a slider motion shown to the right.


Why did I choose this design?

The first thing that caught my eye with this design is its track, although there is a rotational movement occurring on the left, but the slider keeps it on a perpendicular motion to the base, this made it different to what I was looking previously and stood out. The purpose of the movement should be to turn off the switch and so I decided to place the switch right next to the top of the slider and so when the rotation reached the top, it would turn the switch off.


I started off by making this design using paper, using clips and paper cut pieces to form the design, this was difficult because the dimensions were very difficult to find and a slight deviation would fail the entire movement, the joint were either too short or too long and would make the movement get stuck half way, however by using this prototype it made it easier for me to imagine how to sketch it in Fusion360.

1st Design

The first design I made was by tracing the original design with arcs and lines, then outlining them again into a neater design. This turned out as shown on the left, the movements were mostly correct except that it would get stuck in the middle because the dimensions are slightly off. The other difficulty was joining the pieces, each piece had to be joined togetherr and although the thickness of each piece is the same, but making the track had nothing to select and so there was nothing to join the stick to, so I had to create another cylinder that would connect the two pieces together, and because the length of the cylinder is different, I had to use a cylindrical joint so that the joint would work even if they aren’t in contact.

2nd design

The first design didn’t work even if I solver the joint. This was because the dimensions were inaccurate and even if I scaled it a couple times, it still didn’t work, and it only got messier so I decided to start a new design and this time, I wouldn’t sketch it right off the picture, instead I will calculate the dimensions myself and create a much more accurate sketch. I made the longer stick double the length as the shorter stick and calculated the sum, I then set the middle of the track the same length away from the center of the shorter stick so that it was just exact and the movement wouldn’t get stuck, however this didn’t work either because I didn’t calculate the thickness of the material in and it was too short so that the movement would complete.

Final design

By this time, there wasn’t much time left so I adopted Mr. Beatty’s design and adjusted it so that the torque was enough to hit the switch, this was much easier compared to my previous design so I finished this soon and had the design cut out using the laser cutter.


After the design is printed, I started assembling it together, we made the circuit board already in previous classes, the most difficult about this step was testing out the different length of spacers and nuts so that it wouldn’t jam the joint by getting stuck onto the top of the box. The rest was fairly easy because we sketched a side-view of how each part would fit onto the board, including where would the spacers and the nuts go.


To improve, I would definitely plan before I take action, thinking through what I will do and then taking action would definitely save me much more time because I kept going back and fixing minor problems that I was going to fix but then forgot, these would disrupt the movement and so I had to test it out constantly over and over. The second thing is I would measure the dimensions when I am sketching for a design again, the major problem that failed my original design were the dimensions, a small difference would jam the movement and next time I would sketch the design on paper first with dimensions labelled then copy it into Fusion360.

Literary element project


    Arthur Miller created The Crucible to criticize and question McCarthyism, he said: “History is cyclical and we need to recognize that history, in this case, is repeating itself.”.

Historical context side
The play side

This inspired me to create a project that would show the similarities between the Salem witch

trials in the 1690s and McCarthyism in the 1950s. McCarthyism was started by politician Joseph MacCarthy, it was the attempt of getting rid of all communists in America at the time also knows as “Red sympathizers”. To represent each side, I used a drawing of Abigail to present Thr Crucible and a drawing of a Soviet soldier to represent McCarthyism, I arranged them back to back to suggest the cyclical process, and the similarities between the two.

I chose two quotes from the play, the first is said by Judge Danforth: “You will confess yourself or you will hang!”-Act 3, I chose this quote to show how extremely similar it is to the questions Joseph McCarthy asked in public trials, “Are you now or have you ever been a communist?”. Not only are the questions similar, but the consequences as well. John Proctor: “Because it is my name! Because I cannot have another in my life! …… I have given you my soul; leave me my name!” – Act 4, I chose this quote to show what would happen to people who were accused of being involved with witchery compared to what happened if you were accused of being a communist. If one did not confess during the Salem witch trials, they are hanged and their names were blackened. Similarly, if you did not confess during a trial in the McCarthy period, you would be blacklisted so no one can hire you, fired from your previous job and isolated by everyone else because they don’t want to be seen as involved with communism as well. Continue reading Literary element project

Robotics 1 (Fusion 360)

Side view of the final product
Top view of the final product


For this project, I wanted to create something complicated so it would be challenging, also since its a spinning device, I thought that if I used the Razer logo shown above would be cool.

How I decomposed the shape:

Since the shape is symmetrical, I decided to just make one snake and would use the rotate mirror tool to reflect. The snake body is similar to a cylinder shape and all I had to do was just bend it so it looks similar to the picture.

Two tools I used:

Extrude to create the body of the snake, cylinder-shaped and modified later on.

Modify tool to shape the body better, create the head shape bend and twist the body in order to form the spirals and also to change the size of the shape.

English Personal Narrative

My narrative took place when I was 12 years old. The story happened in Malaysia while I was playing football for my school when something unexpected happened. This taught me a valuable lesson that I still cherish to this day. Enjoy.

An Eye for an Eye

As I stepped past the metal detector, my heart started to race. Just like inside my head, the airport wasn’t crowded but sure as hell wasn’t quiet. The floors were polished and cleansed that you could see your reflection. Everyone was nervous about this trip including me. I paced around nervously, staring at my reflection. This tournament meant a lot to me. FOBISIA was the biggest tournament for us and I wanted the win. You know how when you were 12 years old, especially if you had a sibling, you were hungry for victory? Always trying to prove you are the best, the center of the universe. We all grow out of it eventually.

As soon as we boarded the plane, I turned to my friend and asked, “Do you think we have a shot this year? This is probably as strong as our team is going to get, with all these new guys coming in, we can win, can’t we?”, “I can’t say for sure man, I hope we win, but don’t get your hopes up too high.” he said in a disappointed tone. “Do you not want us to win? Come on man have some faith in our team, I saw the game schedule, we are not going to play the two strongest teams until the semi-finals, if no one gets injured in our team, this is our year!”.

As I have been playing the same position for the past 2 years, I was the goalkeeper for my team. We won our first game 2:0 and were feeling confident. During the second match, my opponent dribbled past our defenders and was headed my way. He came in fast, so without hesitation, I rushed forward, trying to minimize his angles of shots. I slid forward, trying to grab the ball before he could take a shot. It worked, but before I got back up and kicked the ball back forward, I felt something warm, sliding down my face. I reached up, trying to wipe it off but when I took a look to see what it was, I panicked. I was bleeding.

Now before you read on, let me just say this clearly did not go according to plan, my dream of coming first crashed to the ground and got stomped to a million pieces. I don’t think I have ever bled so much, I fell on my back and tried to cover where ever the blood was coming from. My friends rushed in to check on me. I was so terrified that I couldn’t speak, and the pain finally came in. It felt like if someone smashed your head on the tip of a desk and kept banging and banging and just wouldn’t stop. The nurse got to me along came my coach and a few staff, they lifted me up and carried me under a tent. The nurse washed my face to see my wound, the water stung really bad, but I didn’t want to cry in front of my friends. She then gave me a piece of gauze and told me to put pressure on it. Everyone left by that point and the pain still got me, but I wasn’t panicking anymore, I soon drifted off…

I can’t recall what exactly happened, and I ended up lying in a hospital bed. I know I got stitches because there was a patch. I soon realized what was going on. I came here with the goal of winning with my friends, now I am lying on a bed while they fight for our victory, I couldn’t be more ashamed of myself.

The nurse came in with dinner and I got a chance to deal with the problem. “You’re such a dumbass”, I yelled at myself, “not only have you lost the only chance you are going to get to win, but you have let your friends down”. I knew I had to do something, so I could get back with my friends, I cleared my mind and laid back on my bed. I stared at the ceiling, squeezing every last braincell in my head, trying to think of a plan. Lying there on the bed soon got me sleepy again so I decided to get up and walk around, see if that would get my brain working again. I saw my bag lying by the wall, so I tried looking through it. I found a water bottle, a pair of trainers and a deck of cards that I was planning on playing with at the hotel with my friends. I can’t decide what to do, it felt like I had two rubber bands on each ends of my hands, the longer I waited to let go, the more painful it was going to get, on one end I faced my friends and the other was my parents and my coach. So, I decided I wouldn’t choose, I will pick out a random card from the deck and that will tell me what to do, so I assigned red to my friends and black to my parents, I shuffled the cards over and over, I eventually stopped and fanned out the cards. My hand moved back and forth, uncertain about which one to pick. I said to myself don’t hesitate, just pick one. I reached for the card on the end, flipped it around as fast as I could, it was the 7 of clubs.

“Alright, a black card, I guess I am listening to my parents.” I said, hoping that this was the right thing to do… I called in the nurse and told her I wanted to call my parents.


“Yes sweetie? Oh my god how is your injury? Does it hurt? I told you to be careful, I had a feeling you were going to get injured, oh I am so worried for you.”

“Yes… Anyways… I was wondering, if emm, I could play… Again, for my frie, I mean my    school.”

“WHAT!? What are you thinking? What if you get kicked again? I warned you before        about playing football, these things are dangerous, you could get seriously hurt playing       again!”

“I know! But, I just want to play with my friends, I, I don’t want to let them down, I love, love my team, they mean the world to me. Please, I don’t…”

“Ok… sweetie… Let’s not cry, we can work this out, couldn’t we? Now, let me tell you     something, if your “friends” are truly your friends, they should be more concern about             your health then expecting you to play football with them when you are injured already.             Now, not being able to play does not mean you can’t support them in other ways, I         promise you, once you are healed, I will let you go and watch on the side alright?”

“Really? Will you talk to the coach then?”

“Sure, I promise, now get some rest, don’t worry about this anymore. Love you.”

I didn’t go through with the plan, but now I know what I truly want, I want to be out there standing next to my friends. Now I can only hope my mom would keep her promise.

A few days later, I was released from the hospital. They removed my eye cover. Turns out wasn’t that bad after all, they gave me a couple of stitches on my right but nothing serious. I cheered for my friends, they made it into the semi-finals without me anyways but lost 1-3. At the gala dinner, I was embarrassed to stand up there along with my team because I missed out the tournament, I sat back down in the crowd, holding my tears back. “Come on up.”  The music was playing, and the crowd was noisy, but I still recognized his voice. “Come on up, don’t tell me you are shy now Adli, you should be up here with us.”, I didn’t know what to say or do other than smile, “Thanks, I am really sorry I wasn’t out there playing with you, Thanks.”. Now, this is where my story ends, I could write about what happens next like how my parents still gave me a whole lecture when I got home, but that isn’t important, what is important is this changed how I thought friends were, a true friend would never guilt you or force you to do anything that could be dangerous, even till this day, I still remember to watch out for these when I am choosing my friends.



This happened when I was 12 years old playing soccer for my school, when something terrible happened which no one expected. However, it taught me a valuable lesson that I will never forget.

To better characterize myself in the narrative, I used words like “spoiled”, “hungry for victory”, “terrified” and “panicking” to show my characteristics and thoughts. Also, to help the reader understand my internal-conflict, I used words like “ashamed”, “uncertain” and “embarrassed” to express my conflicted struggle against myself. I also used some literary techniques to enhance or express some ideas in the story. I firstly used repetition by the constant mentioning of me wanting to play in the match with my friends and when describing my feelings with them to highlight their importance to my character. I also used metaphor at the beginning to express how nervous I was waiting at the airport. “Just like inside my head…… Wasn’t quiet.”, I wrote this to show the reader how anxious my character was about the tournament, so the reader understands how important it was to me. I also used dialogues to help characterize myself, the tone of my character is very excited and entirely focused on winning the game, “we can win, can’t we?”. I did this to show at the start of my narrative, my character only cared about winning the game, but later on in the dialogue between me and my mother, my character’s focus changed from winning the tournament for myself to winning and playing for my friends, “I just want to play with my friends…… they mean the world to me.”. This change in my character is the focus of my narrative and in my conclusion, I used the phrase “even till this day, I still remember……” to show how valuable this lesson is to me.