Regrets after doing Stupid things?

Ever felt you can win the world?

Ever felt that money is invaluable?


To the Cheque,(Check) the scene takes place in the U.S. Calif. Hollywood. the main character Lawrence and Lawrence Jr. give out check during this time period where the check is like fashion that everybody uses. when at first it was Lawrence giving out checks to pay for his son, the story started. following it was all Lawrence who has paid for his son for his normal life. The check to the university, college. Then it was to Paris for vacation, where the money was mostly spent there. The time period was aug.03.1903 to July.16.1931. During that time period, people didn’t like to carry money around so cheque was really useful and fast. all the checks came from 1 bank, which is the Hollywood bank, and every time the check comes out the amount of money is large.

Lawrence was married and had Lawrence Jr. which was still young, they went to Paris to enjoy vacation and came back Lawrence Jr. came back for university. His dad gave him whatever he wants and hired this old lady called Tony to tutor him. due to his foolish behavior and attitude towards learning, he was failing college, but he still didn’t care. he went to have fun at the flower shop to make up for his girlfriend that Lawrence didn’t know. Lawrence takes her girlfriend to restaurants and gives out checks, his dad was careless. somehow he got into Stanford but was kicked out really fast. after then he begins to walk into real life and to work. he Grabbed his dads company away and got into a fight. they hirer bodyguards to protect them from his dad or Lawrence. The conflict between them never ended and it continued until they had no money to provide themselves with the most basic food supplies.

he couldn’t even write properly at the few last checks because he was starving and boom! Death slowly crept up to them.