Two Years of IB English – A Reflection Before Graduation

What have I learned…

The main thing I learnt throughout these years would be how to establish quality and quantity in writing at the same time. Under time conditions, we are often easily distracted by other general details, causing us to neglect important details in our writing. I think this helps us establish skills that would help us get ready not only in college but also in society. Through being able to achieve both quality and quantity, we are able to thrive under stressful conditions and to write in our best way even under a short period of time. Moreover, what I learnt from the individual oral helped me develop skills that would help me present my ideas in precise diction, an organized format .etc. This would definitely help me in the future not only for me to express my ideas but to establish a formal presence under formal environments.

What will I miss

Surely, I have not yet graduated high school, but I am able to say for sure that I will miss certain aspects of the IB English course. The atmosphere within the class when we had individual workshops on our IOs was something I still remember distinctly. It was when everyone was under a huge amount of stress, but everyone was working towards the same goal. Everyone was helping each other through giving peer feedback and the teacher offered help through going over basic structures and exemplars.

What will I always remember

Something I will always remember would by my final individual oral assessment. The experience was very unique. Given the stress of analyzing and speaking in a formal tone for fifteen minutes, it was something that I had never really experienced before IB. It was especially stressful for me as I was the first candidate to do the oral assessment and I will always remember the relief that I felt after the Individual Oral, it was as if I spilled out all of the stressful emotions I had with my words.

Which Text Stood Out the Most?

The literary text that stood out the most to me would beĀ A Dolls House. Not only was that a new text type to me as a play script but also I found myself gaining a lot of new ideas from reading this play. It was a very different play than I previously read, what especially stood out to me was how it did not end on a happy note. Nora eventually left the household, and that suggested broader implications and left me thinking.

The Non-literary text that stood out the most to me would be the articles fromĀ The Onion. Not only because I did my IO on one of these articles, but I found myself to be intrigued by the unique tone that they used consistently within the website. These ironic tones were interesting to read as it mostly stood out as a joke upon first impression, but ultimately, once I was able to understand the true message within the article, there were often serious messages conveyed.


My IB years were severely impacted by COVID-19. One of the biggest impacts that had on me would be how paper 2 was removed from the IB English curriculum. Honestly speaking, I am not sure if this is a good thing for me because this would leave more uncertainty in the IB Exams. If I mess up the exam, there would not be another paper to help balance that out, but also if I do really well on the exam, I would end up with a good grade. COVID-19 also had a large impact on the process of my learning. Through online learning, the learning hours were reduced to protect our eyes, there were also a lot of technological difficulties. Thankfully we were able to return to campus in our senior year.

Semester 1 Reflection

As we continue on into semester 2, I have been noticing differences in my academic performances between the end of semester 1 and the beginning of the year. I would say that I have grown to be more confident in my academic writing throughout the year and have learnt to use blunt vocabulary in my writing to reflect a certain issue. I have also learnt to speak more confidently under a formal setting through my IO practices. Looking back, I would say I am pretty proud of my work, and would like to maintain such standards throughout semester 2.