Rules of the Game

Waverly is a smart kid. For an eight year old kid, but she is unlike other children of her age:”I was touted the American Hope.” Chess is a game played with logic and wisdom because to find different escape paths and invading routes, you would need a lot of ideas to do that. One day, Waverly met an old man and decided to learn chess with him. Waverly explained to the old man how much she wanted to learn chess, so,”Lau Po had taught me all he knew and I had become a better chess player.” This sentence shows that Waverly learns really quickly because when the old man shows her how to play chess, she was eight years old, but when she was nine year old…”By ninth birthday, I was a national chess champion.”

Sheila and the Mant

My poem was describing that summer when the narrator cares only about fishing and Sheila Mant, but Sheila Mant never even notices him, even if he does laps and flips in the water. Everytime he sees her, she seemed out of reach, she seemed so peaceful that anybody that gets close to her knew that she was not to be disturbed. After he asked her out, she said:”I think fishing’s dumb, definitely dumb.” Just then, he saw a huge fish that was in the water, but he did not want her to think that he was dumb. In his mind, he was choosing: Sheila or Fish. One was tantalizing, one was awesome.

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Books i Have Read

  1. The Giver- Lois Lowry

2. Omnivores Dilemma- Michael Pollen

3. The Fault in our Stars- John Green

4. Matched- Allyson Condie

5. Maze Runner- James Dashner

6. Harry Potter- JK Rowling

7. Percy Jackson- Rick Riordan

8. Divergent- Veronica Roth

9. The Hunger Games- Suzanne Collins

10. Throne of Glass- Sarah Maas