Matched Written Blog Post

There were several main characters in this book, with very different characteristics. Some people that are from our world, if they were to teleport into this book, they might not have the power to actually overcome the facts and the plans that the main characters had to deal with, so this is why the author thinks that it would be better to forget.”Maybe only parts of our story can keep us safe. The whole can feel like too much to bear.”(Condie,236)


There is always a reason behind why a certain thing happens or why an object was mentioned in a book, in this book, there were the pills. There are three pills, green, blue and red. The green pill helps citizens to calm down and not panic and cause a mess in the society. The blue tablet was to help people survive in case of emergency. The people in the society was told that with that, they would survive in the nature without food or drink for a week, but later in the book, one of the main characters of the book;Cassia, found out that the blue tablet was actually made to poison and kill the people that were attempting to run away from the society.The red pill had many rumors. Some people thought that it would kill, some people thinks that it would paralyze you. In this book, it still does not mention what the red tablet could do to the denizens of the society, but in the third book, “Reached”, it mentions that the red pills would make people forget about what they did during the whole day. Ky’s family works in the outer provinces, but was found to be dead. Ky was adopted by his aunt and uncle when he was four. After a long time, Ky was sent to work in the outer provinces. He soon found out that there were people attacking almost everyday at night. There were notches on everybody’s boots to mark how many days they survived of this torturous place. When Cassia went to find Ky, she accidentally found out how it was to be in the outer provinces, she decided to overthrow the society. “Forgetting lets you live without the pain for a moment but remembering hits hard.”(Condie,236) I think Cassia would not have to go through all this if she did not know about how it was to be like the outer provinces. This is why the author thinks that it would be better to forget.