Science Polymer Project Journal #2

Our goal for this polymer project is to prevent people from making their hands cold when they open their door in winter without doorknobs, at first we only had a main goal, which was to improve furniture, but we focused on improving the doors. We noticed that often the metal door handles turns cold and effects people who does not like the cold. I think the main audience for this project is people that do not cold hands and does not approve of gloves, and also parents that do not like their child having cold hands. We also had a goal which was to make a door guard, this goal is mainly targeting families with children so that when small children are sleeping, you can still slam a door shut and the sound would not wake the child up. Our polymer would prevent people from having these

problems. I think the perfect solution for the polymer would be Stretch-tastic due to it’s ability to stick together and not fall apart easily, but it is way too sticky. Door handles obviously cannot stick to people’s hands when they open the door, and when closing the door, the slime would stick on the door and it would be really hard to open the door again, so the perfect solution is adding another layer of Gloop, which does not stick and would also make the material really soft and comfortable.                       screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-7-07-38-pm



Science Polymer Project Journal #1

screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-7-14-40-pm-What is a synthetic material and what is a natural resource?

A synthetic material is basically a material that is man made, a natural resource is when a resource is created when there were no human workers involved in the process.

-What is a polymer?

A polymer is a chain of large molecules (also known as monomers) that is made up of the identical molecule that could bond together using chemical bonds.  A polymer is different from a monomer because a monomer is only one molecule. Examples of polymers are; anything plastic, proteins (such as hair, nails, tortoise shell), DNA, silly putty and rubber. A polymer usually have really high boiling and melting points.


-Describe at least two types of synthetic materials that are polymers and the natural resources that they come from.

1.Super glue, super glue is made up of natural resources such as ethyl cyanoacetate, formaldehyde, nitrogen, water (H2O)

2.Money, in Australia, Canada, Romania, Vietnam and New Zealand, their “paper money” is made up of a polymer called polypropylene.

-Describe how society uses these two synthetic materials.

1.Super glue, The society used Super glue to stick paper to paper together, or to other materials.

2.Money, The society used money to trade with other people for food, drinks, houses…etc.

-Show that you understand how natural resources go through chemical reactions to become synthetic materials.

natural resources were originally created by natural climate or weather, but to become a synthetic material, humans would take the material and add another substance, and the substance would act as a catalyst to help the natural resources turn into a synthetic resource.

Track and list your sources:


Reached Written Blog Post (Resolution)

**Spoiler alert!***

Cassia is a young girl that does not have the life that we do, almost her entire life was planned before her, and the people that did this to her life were the Society, she had started to hate it, she hated it even more when Ky came into her life, after Ky came into her life, everything had changed. Ky is an Abberation, his parents were casted out of the central and into the outer provinces because they had violated the rules of the Society, even though Ky did not do anything wrong, he still bore the crime of a criminal. Ky was transferred to the central due to the death of his cousin, his uncle and aunt had adopted him to replace their true son, Matthew Markham. Many neighbors that had lived in the same neighborhood as Ky were often murmuring about him.

Cassia and her friends knew that this scheduled life could only end with depression, they knew they had to change their world, their society that they lived in. “You cannot change your journey if you are unwilling to move at all.”(Ally Condie, 143) They had an idea, they went to find any kind of rebellion or organization that they could team up with to rebel against the Society. They began a risky trip to outside the Society, the outside world was known to be deadly, there were stories about the citizens that tried to escape from the Society, and how none of them returned.

After they found the Rebellion, they got appointed positions in the Rebellion, the leader of the organization was called the Pilot, only the few head officials of the organization have the chance to see the pilot, after they overthrew the Society, they found out that their life was not as satisfying as they thought it would be, they wished that this would never have started, all of their plans, and all of their negative thoughts toward the Society.”In a story, you can just turn to the front and begin again, and everyone lives once more, that doesn’t work in real life.

The Three Cs


China had started to dry off, there were almost no rain at all, the people were blaming this all on the foreigners. The first Opium Wars had also affected China, because of the British coming to forcefully take Opium into the country, the Chinese did not trade with the foreigners as much as they used to, they started to be scared of the foreigners. Many Chinese citizens were being changed to a christian, many Chinese people thought of that to be a threat to their religion.


The missionaries, foreigners and even Chinese christians were slaughtered by the boxers, the boxers blamed all unfortunate onto the foreigners, Chinese christians and missionaries, many were slaughtered, but some were starved to death.



Nearly all the foreigners had fled China, they think that they were all going to be slaughtered by the boxers, they did not want themselves killed. There were also a huge decrease on population due to the boxers killing up to thousands of people only because they thought them as a threat to their religion. The Chinese had a really bad relationship with the foreigners because they both hated them both for killing their own people.

Multimedia Blog Post

This is my Poster that I created for my book Reached, the two quotes that I chose from my book implied that they needed courage for anybody to reach their dreams. “You cannot change your journey if you are unwilling to move at all.” (Condie, 143) When they had decided to “overthrow” their society, they did not sit there and do nothing at all, they were planning, they had the plan in their heads from the start. I drew a time line at the bottom to represent going back in time to the start of the series when Ky had first taught Cassia how to write, that was the start of the book and also it was the rising action because writing and recording things down was against the rules in their society.When their society was still peaceful and happy, their plan was already forming from far far away, from outside the central, from outside the outer districts, there was a group of people already trying to “overthrow” the society.

Also, in real life, you only have on chance.”In a story, you can turn to the front and begin again and everyone lives once more. That doesn’t work in real life.”(Condie, 231) In real life, you only get one chance in a lot of things, for example, your life, you do not get another life after you die. In this case, in the story, it was implying that they had to succeed their mission to “overthrow” the society, or else, they would die for disobeying the rules, which was a death treaty.


Condie, Allyson Braithwaite. Matched Trilogy. Reached. NY, NY: Dutton, 2012. Print.

My Slogan

One of the main reasons that the British had participated in the 1st Opium War was because of tea, tea may be just a drink to some people, but the British were in love with it, but they did not have the place to grow them, so, their solution was…China. Back then, China had loads and loads of land to grow tea. The British were broke, they spent too much money on tea already, but they had one thing that the Chinese did not have, which was opium. When the British had desperately needed tea, most of the Chinese were obsessed with opium, even though it was illegal in China, so the British had an idea of bargaining with the emperor of China at that time, after a few talks, the British had decided to take over China completely. So, that was the start of the Opium wars. screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-9-04-36-pmIn this slogan, I was trying to represent the British bargaining with China saying that if China gives them tea, they would give China money, but China is saying that they are not giving the British any tea because they do not need any money. That led to the idea that British came up with to bring Opium into China to trade.

While the British were trying to get opium into China, the Chinese, were trying to get Opium out of their country. Even so, it seemed quite ironic to have China trying to get Opium out of their country while more than half of their officials were actually drugged by Opium, but because Opium was illegal, many had to act like they wanted Opium out of their country but was secretly stopping it. That was why the Chinese participated in the Opium wars and partially why they lost the war.

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-9-31-22-pmIn this slogan, I was implying that the kids in 1839 (The time when this all happened) were affected by their parents so that they were addicted to Opium just like kids in 2016 are addicted to their phones.

My Letter about Alpha and Beta culture

Dear __________

Alpha culture was completely mad! At first, Mrs.Long gave me a red card, three strange cards with symbols on them and also three red “coins”. One of their ways of greeting people was rubbing against each other. There were people gambling with their coins and cards. The older person had the right to put down their card first, then the girls started to put one of the cards right in front of my face, then one of the girls snatched my red card away from me and signed it. I let them sign it, some signed numbers and some signed their initials on my paper. They were also speaking English. There was a person standing in a hoola-hoop in the center of the classroom, I guessed that the person was the oldest in the class. I felt really awkward in the classroom, not knowing what anything meant except for their language. I didn’t know what to do either, just standing around trying to figure out why they were gambling.

I think the two groups would be great friends once they get to know each other and each other’s languages and what their culture does. One thing that they would not get along with is how they greet each other. The alpha culture rubs each other and the beta culture does not accept any kind of interaction with each other. I think it would be great if they could trade goods with each other.



Beta citizen

Crossed Multi-Media Magazine Page

Crossed is the kind of book that has many perspectives, which means that the book is written from different people’s minds, out of all those characters, i chose Cassia. At first, when i read this book, the first character that appeared was Cassia, she was the main character in the first book.

The society that Cassia was in had a very unique kind of ruling, it was not a dictating society, nor a monarchy, it was still a democrat. However, it does not seem like one. All decisions were made from the society, also known as the   government. The government decides nearly everything for the citizens in case the citizens do something “wrong.” the citizen does not get their own freedom to choose their own jobs or not even their marriage.

Cassia and Ky had chosen to overthrow the society, they did not want to be controlled, however, Ky was taken to the outer provinces, which was far away from the capital, where Cassia was, so their plan was postponed.

One of the reasons that this book is Unique is because of the tablets the society gave them. The green tablets had helped the people to calm down,”Maybe only parts of our story can keep us safe. The whole can feel like too much to bear.”(Condie, 236) The blue lets you survive without food and drinks within a week, but cassia quickly realized that the blue tablet had contained poison. The red was to forget.”Forgetting lets you live without the pain for a moment but remembering hits hard.” (Condie, 236)

Cassia is a strong girl, but she cannot forget.

This is a magazine cover I created for this book.(crossed)