Letter to Beatty

Dear Beatty,


I think what you said about how a book is a loaded gun is correct because a book is full of knowledge, but the knowledge may or may not be correct, if a book is full of lies, and a person reads it, they would be convinced that the information inside it would be facts instead of opinions from the author. Once the reader is convinced that the information inside is correct, if they find it interesting, they would pass the information onto another person, and it would go on and on. The phrase is implying that the incorrect information is a loaded gun because once you spread it around, many people would be affected by this, they would trust you. Therefore, I think Beatty, your phrase is very correct.








Science Polymer Project Journal #4

The goal was to: Improve Furniture.

Our prototype had many flaws in the beginning, one is that it was not moldable enough to be put on any furniture, the second is that it sticks to human skin, so whenever people touch the polymer, it would be really uncomfortable due to the stickiness. The stretch-tastic was a bit slimy, so we added corn starch for the first prototype, along with the gloop, which we also added cornstarch to.  For prototype 2, we tried mixing stretch-tastic and Gloop together, which did not work either because it was too hard, the third prototype, we added cornstarch and Guar Gum, but there were clumps in the mixture, that would not feel good for people’s hands either, for the last prototype, but had stretch-tastic, corn starch and liquid corn starch, it was not too sticky, it was malleable, not too soft and not too hard. screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-9-04-03-pm

Science Polymer Project Journal Entry #3

screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-8-02-35-pmThe Gloop and Guar gum prototype was not the right prototype for us because it was too sticky and slimy, so if we put that on the door handle, the person’s hand would be stuck onto the polymer. The Guar Gum that we added did not have a big effect on the polymer, the polymer had clumps of Guar Gum in it after we added it, that would not work because we need the polymer to be comfortable when touching it.


The Stretch-tastic was too slimy so we added some cornstarch to it to make it thicker, it worked out really well, it was really comfortable to touch, it was malleable and it was not sticky. This would make the door handle cover really comfortable. The Stretch-tastic does not hold heat as well as the Gloop, but it still holds heat for a long time, this would make the door handle cover really warm so that people’s hands will not be cold in winter.

Another Prototype that we made was the Gloop and the Guar gum mixed together, we found out that it preserved heat longer than Gloop and stretch-tastic, but we did not use it because it was not malleable.

To what extent were the Boxers misunderstood by the West?

The Boxers were misunderstood by the west because the Boxers originally had only intended to prevent their own culture being changed and effected, but their way of solving the problem is a little violent, for example; killing thousands of christians, or even christians from china. The Westerners thought that the Boxers were killing the christians because of xenophobia, a kind of people that were scared of or have negative attitude towards the foreigners only, without any reason at all. After the Westerners and the Chinese christians had refused to stop influencing the Chinese religion, the Chinese had laid siege on the legation center; another violent way.

The Boxers were misunderstood by the Westerners mainly because of the violent ways the Boxers kept on using.