The Diary of Anne Frank Comparison to Fahrenheit 451

The book Diary of Anne Frank and Fahrenheit 451 have many similarities and also many differences.

Anne Frank is a very clever girl, she was born in Germany, but moved to Amsterdam for most of her life due to Nazi’s control over Germany. She was only four when she moved there. On the other hand, Montag, the main character in the fiction story; Fahrenheit 451, he was living in a society he was familiar with, in which he lived all his life in.

During Anne’s time in Amsterdam, she had a very good “friend” which was her diary, she treated the diary just like a friend, she even named it Kitty. Unlike many teenagers now, she was very serious about it. She pours all her secrets into the diary. She wrote about her life in Amsterdam. Nazi had taken over Amsterdam only years after Anne and her family moved there, the jewish families just like their own were discriminated. Many people like them were sent to labor camps, Anne’s family leaves their house to an annex, while the people that weren’t jewish were living in the same house, but in broad daylight, Anne and three other families had to live in the annex, the entrance to the annex was behind the bookshelf, which was very secretive. In order to keep themselves from being found, the seven people living in the annex must keep their noises really low. “I wonder if it’s because I haven’t been able to poke my nose outdoor for so long that I’ve grown so crazy about everything that has to do with nature?”

In contrast, Montag lived a life where he could have a job and live in broad daylight.

Montag, the main character in Fahrenheit 451 lives in what we define as “dystopia”, however, is both the protagonist and the antagonist in his novel because he was both the “Fireman”, and the people stopping the fire, in their story, the fireman were the people starting the fire, unlike in reality, where the fireman were the people putting out fire. When working, he burns the books full of knowledge and burns the people that reads them. Nonetheless, behind the government’s back, he was secretly plotting against them, rebelling against them, he hid books under his pillow, he tried to prevent people from being burnt.

Anne Frank’s story has a very sad ending, when she was living in the annex with her seven more friends, nazi’s soldiers found them, Anne Frank was betrayed, whoever betrayed her is still a mystery to this day, the main suspect for twenty years was the employee Van Maaren, a thief, he had died in 1971 trying to prove his innocence.

Montag’s story had ended with kind of an optimistic ending, the dystopian city in the novel had been destroyed, just like the main character had hoped, but, however, half of the citizens were dead, so Montag has to find survivors to rebuild the civilization.