Queen of Shadows Multimedia

Aelin is a girl with many responsibilities, as a queen, an assassin, and a champion. Three identities, three very different identities, but also with very different responsibilities. One that has responsibility for the citizens of Terresen , another that kills for money so she could survive, another, where she fights for her freedom.

Aelin is a queen , she has the great responsibility of protecting her citizens. Being the Queen has many more responsibilities than just being just a normal citizen, also, she would face more challenges. When you are a queen, people would think of myriads of ways to try and kill you, but not only, you, also your family and friends, anybody that is important enough for you so that they could threaten you with them. “Oh, I know what your real name is, Aelin”. (160, Maas)This is a quote from the book ‘Queen of Shadows” Aelin had made her identity concealed against the whole world, so that nobody would know who she was, so that nobody could use her family and friends to threaten her.

Aelin’s identity as an assassin doesn’t lighten the weight on her shoulders. Her identity as an assassin had made her capable of combat. When Aelin was young, she had lost a very close friend, this had made set her goal of finding this killer and revenge upon them. This had also sent her to Endovier ; a prison where nobody had survived for more than a month, where she transitions her identity into the king’s champion.

Aelin as a champion, at first it was only for her survival, and for her freedom, the Captain of Guards had chosen her out of almost a million prisoners of Endovier, to fight against the other competitors chosen from all over the country. Aelin as a champion is very confident, not only because of her personality, but because of her abilities that were forced upon her when she was young, and labored to be an assassin. Throughout this book, her abilities to fight had become a key for her to survive, not only through her three years of Endovier, but also through her competition to earn her freedom.

Aelin had many responsibilities, but she was obviously capable of them, this ability had helped her through her

childhood and towards a grown woman, and saved her life many times.

Discussion Questions

Which statements triggered the most thought-provoking or interesting discussion?

Answer: “Education and knowledge is the most important defense a person has.”

 Summarize the discussion/debate

Answer: Some people say that without Education and knowledge, you can solve the problem with violence, others say             that Education and knowledge is more important because if you meet a person that you cannot fight.

      For any of the statements that you discussed, what were some of the strongest or most memorable                   points made by your group members?

Answer: If a person cannot fight against the opponent, what would you do?

What was your reaction when a group member disagreed with the way you feel about an issue?

Answer: I would tell them what I think without rudely interrupting.

Was any argument strong enough to make you change your mind or want to change any of your initial           responses? Why or why not? What made the argument effective?

Answer: No, there was not because I think not everything can be solved by violence, if you meet an opponent that is                 much more stronger than you, would you still fight them? Without knowledge, you would not even know how to use a             gun, or a knife, or any weapon.


I awoken to the sounds of pistols, this had been happening for more than a month now, but i am still not used to it, everyday, I awake to the sounds of bullets, shooting into a soldier’s heart. I checked the clock, it was 4 in the morning.

“Wake up! Wake up! Everybody, time to cook!”

Yes, I am just a little cook among the millions of Russians in this country, however, even I am affected by this war. Every day, the food supplies that arrive for us is decreasing rapidly, the food rations that everybody receives are so small that almost each week, there were people that were starved to death. Even the food that we cook are decreasing in a clearly noticeable rate. The customers that had once filled our restaurant no longer came, the ones that come had always complained about the food amount.

“Is today the day? Is today the day when we get our food back?”


But that was all just a dream.