Rez vs Reardan

Part Time Indian [Found Poem]


Have you ever visited a reservation? Do you know what a reservation is? Have you ever been ashamed, crucified, pummeled and mutilated? In the novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Sherman Alexie creates a complex character and creates a setting which shapes who the protagonist is – an Indian who suffers from poverty and racism. Junior is a normal high schooler, but at the same time, he is not normal at all, he is an Indian. At home, he was part of a typical Indian family, at school, he was the odd one out, even the teachers thought he did not belong; “ ‘If you stay on this rez,’ Mr.P said, ‘they’re going to kill you. I’m not going to kill you. We’re all going to kill you. You can’t fight us forever.’”(Alexie, 43) Reardan is a tiny school in a tiny town, however compared to the reservation, it was huge. As Sherman Alexie states: “Reardan was the opposite of the Rez.” (56) Reardan and the Reservation only had a few miles’ distance, or, to be exact; “Wheat fields exactly twenty two miles from the Rez.”(45)