Fast and Slow Rickshaw

Generally, I think my rickshaw drawing is similar to the actual object, however I think I should work on my three-dimensional shapes because the back of the rickshaw was observed to be hidden from sight, but in my drawing the back of the rickshaw was obviously curved out. Another thing I should work on is the details and the shapes of the wheel. As observed, the wheel had s-shaped patterns concaved in the wheel. In my drawing, I did not do a good job showing that. My wheels are also very out of proportion, so the front wheel is not the same size as the back wheels. Not only are the wheels out of proportion, they are not the correct shape, so that the back wheels appear to be inflated. Another major thing I think I should work on is the texture of the cloth on top of the rickshaw. In this drawing, I did not do a good job showing the silky texture of the cloth, I think i should add more shadows onto the cloth.

I think next time, if I had to do this project again, I would improve by observing more when drawing, so that I would not make silly mistakes such as drawing the object with a curved back. Observing more would also help me with details so that it would help make my piece look more realistic. Observing when drawing the cloth would help me recognize where the shadows and folds are on the rickshaw, so I think observing would solve my problems.


Overall, I think I did well, I think that my piece of drawing of the rickshaw looks similar to the actual rickshaw.

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