Ordeal by Cheque

Lawrence Exeter Senior is a married man who’s child Lawrence Exeter Junior is due recently,  at the Hollywood Hospital. Lawrence Exeter Junior is a smart boy, he was accepted into Stanford University. Lawrence Exeter Senior treated his son well, he bought Lawrence Exeter Junior’s toys, he paid for his school fees and even bought him a Cadillac, which, Lawrence Exeter Junior broke after a short time of four days. Lawrence Exeter Senior went to France for vacation and took a great amount of money out of his bank account. Using the money he took out of the bank account, Lawrence Exeter Senior bought a new house and is decorating it. Before he knew it, Lawrence Exeter Junior was going to get married, Lawrence Exeter Senior hereby sent his best wishes with a present from the Beverly Diamond and Gift Shoppe, and also paying for their honeymoon to Hawaii. Lawrence Exeter Senior clearly thought that it was not enough, so he transferred money onto Lawrence Exeter Junior’s account. Lawrence Exeter Junior loved his wife very much and frequently spends time shopping with her he also transfers myriads of money onto his wife’s account. Lawrence Exeter Junior recently has had some experiences with drugs, he is addicted. Tony Spagoni is the name of the drug dealer who sold him the drugs, causing Lawrence Exeter Junior to lose $126 each time. He then was exposed of doing drugs and was also sent to court. His family relative, however, was a lawyer. Her name was Marie Wharton Exeter, a very talented lawyer, and she helped Lawrence Exeter Junior with his crisis. Lawrence Exeter Junior, on the other hand, did not learn from this little ‘event’ that happened. He kept on doing drugs. Lawrence Exeter Junior was high on drugs and was driving at the same time, when he crashed into another car, he was sent to the hospital, but was unable to be cured. Lawrence Exeter Senior then paid for the cost of the treatment and gave Lawrence Exeter Junior a grand funeral.