In this project, we picked a theme out of a hat. Then, after lessons of planning, we had an idea of what the appearance of our box should be like, however, the original plan changed due to some technical difficulties. My original plan included an elevator and several small rooms which I planned to decorate. Later on, I found out that the rooms were too small to decorate, and I did not have any materials for the “elevator”.  Throughout the process of brainstorming to overcome this challenge, I came up with a whole new plan – my final plan. Throughout this project, I challenged myself by using various materials. I experimented with different materials, even though some materials did not turn out well such as the glued yarn. The glued yarn did not really stick together, and it did not stand up well, so the caged part of my box looked really messy. The white “pot” was supposed to represent the dark side of wonder because of the limbs, however, I colored it white to represent the positive side of wonder, this represents the two sides of wonder. I feel like I can improve by cleaning up the artwork.


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