Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is a very talented man, he has the ability to speculate minute details at crime scenes.

In the perspective of Dr. Watson, Holmes’ close friend and colleague, Holmes was described as” Not a difficult man to live with.” (Doyle, 11) Sherlock Holmes, as a ordinary human being, has many hobbies such as : doing experiments, playing the violin and reading books.

When Sherlock Holmes is at work, as an admirable detective, he is often described as a “Well-trained foxhound, as it dashes backward and forward through the covert, whining in it’s eagerness, until it comes across the lost scent.”(29) Holmes has the ability to track minuscule evidences left from the murders, eventually, assembling evidences to crack the case.

This novel reveals the troublesome process of real-world crime case solving. In realistic cases, detectives often spend months trying to solve a case . Some difficult cases might even remain a mystery forever. The process is not simple, detectives gathers evidence repeatedly, day after day until the puzzle pieces come together to form a hypothesis. Even after forming a hypothesis, the hypothesis has a great chance of being inaccurate.

This novel gave me an idea of the daily lives of a detective and also the difficulties of the career of a detective.



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