Media Testing Reflection

During the process of this media testing, we used a selfie as a template, and applied different layers of acrylic paint on top, bringing out the highlights and shadows that was in the picture. The first layer was more general and did not seem realistic, however, as we applied more layers, the painting became more and more realistic.


From this media testing, I learned that acrylic paint dries at a much faster rate than oil paint, therefore, it is easier to apply layers. Applying layers helps correct mistakes easier. Using the oil paint makes blending much easier. When using acrylic paint, I learned to always put the paintbrush into the water when I don’t need it.


Acrylic paint is frustrating when it comes to mixing colors on the color palette, I often find that after I finish using the color I just used, the color dries so I would have to mix the color again, which is hard because I would have to mix the exact same shade. I think I can overcome this problem by adding water to the dry paint.


A problem I have with acrylic paint is that I blend too much, causing there to be no contrasts in the painting. The loss of contrasts causes there to be no form of shape within the painting.


During the process of the oil paint media testing, we used a piece of cardboard as a canvas and drew grids on it. We did the same to the original picture we were drawing from. This helps us have a better idea of where we should draw our lines. After that, we applied layers of paint.


From this media testing, I learned that oil paint blends really well. Oil paint dries really slowly, thus, it is better to blend with. This helped me because blending can cover my mistakes. I also learned to clean my paintbrushes by first squeezing all the paint in the paintbrush out, then cleaning the brush with oil when using oil paint.


Acrylic paint is frustrating because it dries really slowly, so it is harder to draw clear lines. I had trouble with this when drawing lines on my face. I learned to overcome that problem by adding more paint.

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