Painting Analysis

Color- The color effects the general shade of the woman, the darker colors of the woman represents the shades of the woman, and the lighter colors of the woman represent the highlights of the woman.


Shape- The shape of the streaks of color helps define the woman’s face and details. Some shapes are bigger and some are not, each is in a different shape, and each is trying to form a bigger shape, which is the woman’s face.


Movement- The direction of each color of paint applied is important because it helps define parts of the woman’s face such as her eyes or her nose.


Patterns- The patterns of the directions of the streaks of colors and their direction emphasizes some contour lines that the woman had.


Emphasis- The streaks of colors are in the same direction, however, the minority of the streaks of color that are not in the same direction creates emphasis.


Contrast- There are some contrasting colors such as blue and orange, red and green.etc. This brings out some parts of the woman’s face and also acts as emphasis.


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