“Will I be expecting to see you again after six days, m’lady?” I dazed off into his jade green eyes. This man talking, with a golden bracelet shining on his wrist and a golden ring on each hand, is one of the wealthiest man on earth.


I steadied my voice, “We’ll see.” I heard myself say with a deadly cold voice. I can see his pleasant smile slowly fading away, but I resisted the urge to call after him.

“Very well m’lady. I’ll be on my way”

I turned around to enter my house. Thoughts scattered in my mind like leaves in a slight breeze. I slowly walked up the emerald stairs. They were green, like his eyes.


Those words still rang clearly in my head. That was the last time I saw Romeo. I should’ve asked him to stay for dinner. The stained glass in the house was reflecting the leftover sunlight of dawn, shining blindingly into my eyes. Thoughts in my head were racing like furious horses. Should I really be this cold? Or should I call after him to ask if he has time tomorrow for a cup of afternoon tea? I was confused about my feelings about him. Did I like him as a person, or only his wealth? Was I only desiring the fame and popularity? I spent the following letting my thoughts wander wildly. Romeo hasn’t written to me. I haven’t heard about him from anybody. I should’ve been friendlier to him. Now he’s hurt.

He said he would see me today, but it’s dusk already and he isn’t here, I thought to myself anxiously.

“Rosaline my dear, I’m afraid I’ve brought with me some rather unpleasant news.”

Mother walked into my room, frowning. I stood up abruptly, my heart racing. “What is it, mother?”

“My dear, Rosaline, the gentleman you are fond of has arranged his marriage with a young maiden.”

“Mother, there is no need for a surprise!” My heart was beating like a drum, is he finally arranging our marriage? I can feel my cheeks gradually turning scarlet.

“No, my dear, its Juliet, that Capulet.”

“Mother! You must be kidding, Juliet’s fiancé is Paris! ”

“Romeo fell in love with her, Juliet’s wedding is canceled.”

I felt my heart sinking, all color fading away from me. Is it my fault? That evening, should I have called after him? Would that have changed it all? If I did, would I have been the bride for his wedding? I looked down at my white lace dress, as though I could imagine myself as his bride.