“To Live” Analysis

The scene above had appeared in the beginning of the movie when Fugui was addicted to gambling, Jiazhen came to the casino in attempt to persuade Fugui to stop gambling. Fugui ultimately publicly humiliated her with the words “Get out of my sight”. Through this scene, a major global issue was revealed – feminism.

This can not only be seen through Fugui’s disrespectful words, but also through how the people had acted when Jiazhen initially appeared in the casino. The owner of the casino had welcomed Jiazhen with a sarcastic tone: “Come, give Mrs. Xu a seat”. Purposely speaking with a loud voice, the owner of the casino caught the attention of many gamblers in the shop. They too, were chattering behind Jiazhen’s back with scornful tones and prejudiced words. Especially Long’er who directly pressured Fugui to make Jiazhen leave in order to reach his goal of taking over Fugui’s courtyard.

But what caused this issue within the society at that time? Feminism was always a serious problem for China, even before the 20th century, the Chinese culture naturally saw females as the inferior gender compared to males. Examples of this could be seen in the dynasties, where food binding for women was prevalent. Having a small foot was considered to be a symbol of hierarchy and privilege in society, however, the expense was having to suffer through the arduous process of bone breaking at a very young age. In general, males at the time (1950s) were influenced by the culture they were brought up in and was given the concept that they were naturally superior compared to females.

Orch or Band, Who’s Superior?

Orchestra or Band, a topic that has been highly discussed since the beginning of time, has been brought up yet again in a language and literature course in ISB. This topic was brought up with friendly intentions and for diplomatic exchanges of experience.

I admit that Band has a distinct timbre that string instruments are unable to produce which is essential within a symphony, however, the string orchestra is often the most important section of any culturally or historically significant piece. When band instruments play solos, they often create high pitched sounds resembling whistles, but these ear stabbing sounds are often toned down when working with a string orchestra.

Different from Band students, orchestra students enjoy music and are willing to devote their time to after school concerts and activities. A most common complaint heard from band students is that they have concerts after school, while orchestra students view their concerts as a form of relaxation. Why would band students complain about concerts if their truly love their instruments?

Band students who claim to speak from experience often have the misconception that string instruments are supposedly ‘easy to play’. String instruments are indeed the best choice for beginners to learn because it is easy to create sound with a bow, but is it really easy to learn a string instrument well? In order to perform a string instrument well, there are many factors to put into consideration: intonation, tone, position and many more. Although I am not in the position to say that Band instruments are easier to play than string instruments, I can definitely say that both string instruments and band instruments are difficult in their own ways.

The dominant element within this propaganda poster is the picture. The cropped picture representing band forms contrast with the large and complete picture of orchestra, emphasizing the importance of the string orchestra within a symphonic orchestra.

The background¬†of this propaganda poster is black with white words, this forms a contrast between the colors and emphasizes the white words. There is also a use of satirical puns to catch the audience’s attention, thus providing a solid foundation to build my argument: Orchestra is better than Band.