2019-2020 Reflection

Throughout the last eight months, I have witnessed a pandemic that I have never seen before. Previously, my parents had described to me about the SARS pandemic back in 2003. I would never had thought that I would also witness a pandemic like this. As a student in the class of 2021, there have been several challenges for me in the past eight months both large and small. The biggest being the changes in the IB exams which caused an increase of percentage in the remaining papers along with challenges in adapting to online learning. Smaller challenges would include the inability to physically interact with friends. Many people in China have given the class of 2021 a title that can be translated into: born during SARS, graduated during COVID

Despite some challenges, I have also had fun experiences learning about certain works. During the past year, my favorite text would be Carol Ann Duffy’s poetry collection. Although it could be confusing at first, but it was really interesting after you take some time to research the backgrounds of these poems. For example, the poem that left the deepest impression would be Penelope. This poem really introduced me to another story: The Odyssey. Not only did this poem introduce me to another story, it also depicted the story of The Odyssey in a different perspective.

In the year ahead, I am really looking forward to studying The Odyssey as it is an extension from the poem Penelope that we had learnt before. I am also looking forward to polishing my individual oral skills through more practice. A SMART goal I have for myself this year would be to be more familiar with literary devices so I could find it easier to recognize them during the individual oral and my paper 1.