Group Project: SODEXO Reveals the Secret to Success in The Culinary Field

SODEXO is one of the best culinary companies in China, and they have recently released their secret to success! Here are the four key points to success shared by four anonymous chefs, they have shared their story, and now let’s explore this journeyBut SHHH let’s not share this secret with everyone 


You have completed the interview test of SODEXO and now have this new job. You first go into this unrealistically gargantuan warehouse located at the back of the kitchen and see massive amounts of vegetables and meat all piled up in the corner. They seem to be at least a month-worth of meal. According to your boss, you are supposed to approximately equally distribute these cabbages, pork meat and appetizers to the students every day for lunch until it all runs out. Although skeptical, you have no choice but to obey boss’s orders not to lose this job. As your first task of the day, you take out the cargo filled with vegetables and start cutting it into smaller pieces. Only after around 6 hours of cutting were you able to complete this job. While cutting, questions such as “How can these students eat these same and unoriginal foods for school meals almost every day? Don’t they get tired of it?” wander around in your head. Boss says it’s what he calls the “Healthy Dietary Plan” where he wants students to eat veggies and nutritious articles of food to help them invigorate and strengthen their health. 

An International Perspective 

You’ve graduated from Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in France for five years, and the Chinese government invites you to come across the globe and join ISB, or the International School with Bestlunch, as an intern chef. In ISBthe school offers you 5000 dollars per day because your skills match up the bottom 10%, so ISB indeed provides you a great opportunity to learn proficient cooking techniques. Now it’s your turn to cook global dishes that you have learned – but in Chinese style. Your job is to cook the food that school designed for you in the best quantity and quality while incorporate the lowest budget as possible. For example, you must overcook every strand of spaghetti and apply the least amount of sauce as possible to assimilate the traditional Chinese cuisine. Then, you need to set the price at 30 Kuai as a price floor for gaining more revenue. We will use all the money to purchase decent materials, so students can obtain lunch made from resources with the best quality! 


Today is your first day on the job, and the first thing you are introduced to in the kitchen are sacks of potatoes. You’re shaken from the 300 sacks of potatoes in the kitchen, you ask why there are so many potatoes, and you are given the answer that potatoes are healthy vegetables – perfect for students– your boss immediately gives you your first job of the day: peeling potatoes. You hurl the sacks of potatoes over your shoulder and try to stand up, the weight of the potato is pulling you right down through the earth’s core. With the help of ten additional colleaguesyou finally moved the potatoes outside. As you sit on one of the cafeteria’s blue chairs to peel potatoes, you observe the students who passed by. A girl with neon green hair flew past…A boy with earrings walked by…Your colleague passes by and gives you some advice: give more potatoes to students who are skinner and give less potatoes to students who are obese. After 12 hours of peeling, you hurl sacks of ready-peeled potatoes into the kitchen. You are given the task to make potato noodles, so you cut the potatoes into pieces and throw them all into a pot. You decidnot to put in any salt; after all, the cafeteria offers an entire counter just for seasonings. This is an amazing opportunity for the students to DIY their own potato noodle! At the end of the day, your boss tastes your first-ever dish on the job and decides that he should retire and lend his position to you.  



You’ve been working with SODEXO for the past four years, and today is just an ordinary day in the kitchen. You have already managed to make the food edible, so the only thing you need to do now for your food is to season it and offer to the students. You have mustard and ketchup, mayonnaise, pepper, and salts to do so. No sugars since we need to keep sugar-free food. You can choose either white salt, pink salt, garlic salt, or any other unique salts you want. Fancy salts raise its value for your elegant career in this extravagant school. 

Having read the advice and stories from the four top-notch chefs in the field, what have you discovered through their stories? 

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