In this project, we picked a theme out of a hat. Then, after lessons of planning, we had an idea of what the appearance of our box should be like, however, the original plan changed due to some technical difficulties. My original plan included an elevator and several small rooms which I planned to decorate. Later on, I found out that the rooms were too small to decorate, and I did not have any materials for the “elevator”.  Throughout the process of brainstorming to overcome this challenge, I came up with a whole new plan – my final plan. Throughout this project, I challenged myself by using various materials. I experimented with different materials, even though some materials did not turn out well such as the glued yarn. The glued yarn did not really stick together, and it did not stand up well, so the caged part of my box looked really messy. The white “pot” was supposed to represent the dark side of wonder because of the limbs, however, I colored it white to represent the positive side of wonder, this represents the two sides of wonder. I feel like I can improve by cleaning up the artwork.



Throughout this unit, we were experimenting with charcoal. Charcoal has no color, so we had taken this unit as an opportunity to practice our values.

In this project, we were asked to bring in several pieces of clothing that we think can describe who we are, we took quite a few pictures from different angles of the pieces of clothing, but we only chose one picture that we thought had the best composition in space. Afterwards, we changed the picture we chose into black and white, and if the values did not show a lot of contrast, we had to change the contrast and light.

At first, when I first started to experiment with charcoal, I did not like it, it was too messy and it takes too much time and effort to make it look realistic (and it doesn’t always end up looking realistic), not only that, charcoal is also messy to work with. My first piece of charcoal drawing of an egg had no three dimensional shape at all, as shown in picture 3, my shadows were in odd places so that the egg had no realistic features. The shadow that the egg casted was a little lopsided, and the values were also quite a bit off.

Afterwards, we started to work on the “You are what you wear” charcoal drawing, we first drew many rough sketches of our composition, giving us an envision of how it was going to look like when we start the actual charcoal drawing. It helped give us an idea of where to put our lines and the ratio of many objects.

When I actually started with the final drawing, I found that it was not as easy as I thought. The texture of the clothing was harder than the texture of the egg that I drew before. When drawing the clothing, not only did I have to draw the shadows of the clothing, I also had to draw the details such as the direction of the thread. I found it really challenging, however, the eraser was a helpful tool to help show that.

Throughout this unit, I think I have improved in using values and texture. When drawing the egg, the values were not used in the right places, I did not observe enough in order to realize that, and I did not think of texture whatsoever. At the end of the unit, I increased in the ability to observe and think during the process of drawing.




Fast and Slow Rickshaw

Generally, I think my rickshaw drawing is similar to the actual object, however I think I should work on my three-dimensional shapes because the back of the rickshaw was observed to be hidden from sight, but in my drawing the back of the rickshaw was obviously curved out. Another thing I should work on is the details and the shapes of the wheel. As observed, the wheel had s-shaped patterns concaved in the wheel. In my drawing, I did not do a good job showing that. My wheels are also very out of proportion, so the front wheel is not the same size as the back wheels. Not only are the wheels out of proportion, they are not the correct shape, so that the back wheels appear to be inflated. Another major thing I think I should work on is the texture of the cloth on top of the rickshaw. In this drawing, I did not do a good job showing the silky texture of the cloth, I think i should add more shadows onto the cloth.

I think next time, if I had to do this project again, I would improve by observing more when drawing, so that I would not make silly mistakes such as drawing the object with a curved back. Observing more would also help me with details so that it would help make my piece look more realistic. Observing when drawing the cloth would help me recognize where the shadows and folds are on the rickshaw, so I think observing would solve my problems.


Overall, I think I did well, I think that my piece of drawing of the rickshaw looks similar to the actual rickshaw.