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Crossed is the kind of book that has many perspectives, which means that the book is written from different people’s minds, out of all those characters, i chose Cassia. At first, when i read this book, the first character that appeared was Cassia, she was the main character in the first book.

The society that Cassia was in had a very unique kind of ruling, it was not a dictating society, nor a monarchy, it was still a democrat. However, it does not seem like one. All decisions were made from the society, also known as the   government. The government decides nearly everything for the citizens in case the citizens do something “wrong.” the citizen does not get their own freedom to choose their own jobs or not even their marriage.

Cassia and Ky had chosen to overthrow the society, they did not want to be controlled, however, Ky was taken to the outer provinces, which was far away from the capital, where Cassia was, so their plan was postponed.

One of the reasons that this book is Unique is because of the tablets the society gave them. The green tablets had helped the people to calm down,”Maybe only parts of our story can keep us safe. The whole can feel like too much to bear.”(Condie, 236) The blue lets you survive without food and drinks within a week, but cassia quickly realized that the blue tablet had contained poison. The red was to forget.”Forgetting lets you live without the pain for a moment but remembering hits hard.” (Condie, 236)

Cassia is a strong girl. She was unique.


This is a magazine cover I created for this book.(crossed)