Literature and Social Justice Reflection


  • I learned about racial segregation in Apartheid and the negative impact of it though the book Born A Crime. I learned about the role of artist and how art unite people together through the analysis of the documentary and the protest musics.
  • I was prepared for the summative socratic seminar. I make claims and thoughts based on the in text evidence from the book.
  • I need to be more responsible on finishing tasks and collaborate more with my classmates.
  • Moving forward, I will read more books and learn about more diversified social justice issues related to literature and non literature texts. I will learn more and try to improve my skills on analytical writing.

Bookmark Design

The role of elements & principles in graphic design conveys visuals and intentions of the design to the viewer. Scale and proportion is the manipulation of the size of images, texts, and graphics to communicate ideas and create visual effects. In my picture, I enlarge and exaggerate the scale of a cat’s image in comparison with a few image graphics to evoke a humorous feeling from the viewer.



Bookmark Proportion

X Design Persona Poster

My Inspirations

This portrait is successful at the character portrayal in a fantasy setting. It change human figure into a stylized imaginary figure. The highly saturated colors create a striking visual effect. The character is created using 3D modeling software, and the poster is created using photoshop.

This portrait is successful at its style. It recreate a human figure into style of Japanese anime character. This style exaggerate the face and eye size of the face, which create “kawaii”(cute) impression toward the audience. The design is primary created in photoshop than transferred on canvas using traditional art techniques.

This portrait is successful at its use of lines and gradients to create flow and movement in the picture. The use of primary colors (red, yellow, blue) create a pleasant visual effect. It is created using photoshop.


I made my portrait using the app, Procreate, on iPad with apple pencil. I initially used a lot of texture and lighting brushes to create a background for my portrait. Then I use the selection tool to select an area as the portrait’s hair and fill the area with air brush tools.

I created texts and decorations on the portrait also using the selection tool. After I selected the area, I firstly filled the area with darker color, then I added white highlights to create a 3D effect using air brush tool.

Finally, I used the RGB curve tool to adjust the color of the whole picture. My use of this tool increase the contrast of colors and created a more striking look to the picture.

After I finished my portrait, I created another background using texture brushes for my poster. I inserted my portrait into the file and used the distortion tool to distort the edge of my portrait. Then, I created text showing my different names in different scenarios using selection tool and air brush tool as how I made my portrait.

Final Product

The style of the poster is an abstract and fantasy style that present my personality and my art style. I added text in different style and shape of my different names including english name, artist name, online name, imaginary name, primary school name to show my multi identity as student, artist, and online citizen in China. My use of textures and color of blue, pink, and purple creates a dreamy impression to my poster, which also connects to my personal imaginary world. I can improve my poster on making the portrait a little less abstract so that the audience can recognized my face.

RBF Blindbags: Develop & Plan

Ideation of Designs from Concept Illustrations


Cycle of Product

Plan for Creation

I will create 1-2 3d prototypes of the designs. The final product will be an art installation focusing on one of the design using 3d printing with FRP, acrylics, clothes, and found objects. The final design will likely be the rabbit octopus.

3D Prototype – Rabbit Octopus

RBF Blindbags: Define & Inquire


User/audience: Young people in China who are interested and can afford blindbag toys.

Constraints: The final products need to be produced by toy factories outside.

Goals: I will make 6-8 designs of the toy, packaging design, illustrations, and maybe 1 physical prototype.

Materials/resources: Ipad, 3d modeling + printing, toy producer.

Mentors/assistance: Teachers, students.


Made with Padlet


*the Chinese characters on the bottom translates to “blind box opening”, which is a common title used for blind bags videos.


Element Project: Symbol “Kite” from “Master Harold…and the boys”

This piece is a black and white digital drawing focusing on the symbol, kite, in Fugard’s play “Master Harold…and the boys”. The composition of this drawing is with Hally facing the front and Sam facing the back, who passes the kite to Hally. The facial expression of Hally looks innocent with the superior of white society behinds him as the “whites only” benchHally sits on separate the whites’ privileges of education and white only bar from the blacks. In contrast, Sam has darker values distributed on his side, where he hides the reality of the racist and injustice society behind Hally. This side includes the house blacks live in and blacks’ hands reaching for one white hand with money, which symbolizes inequality. By bringing both sides together, the kite in the center symbolizes racial harmony and hope.

Further, according to the play, the kite is made of “tomato-box wood and brown paper”, and “(Hally’s) mother’s old stockings (29)”. I show this by drawing the materials the kite contains at the end of the kite. As the old stockings symbolize the shame of Hally’s family on him, I drew Hally’s mother, father on a wheel chair, walking sticks, pee bottle, alcohols, and the family’s house being tied by the stockings. These elements are covered in rain since rain is a symbol of the racist society under apartheid, as it prevents Hally and Sam from flying the kite for the second time: “you (Hally) can’t fly kites on rainy days (31)”.

By drawing the little Hally running away from his family’s side with the kite flying high up to the sky with clouds and trumpets symbolizing freedom, rising up, and hope, I illustrate the purpose of Sam making the kite: to make Hally “look up” and “be proud of something (58)”.