Post #6: Our Archaeology Essential Questions

Why Do Archaeologists Study The Past?

Archaeologist study the past because they want to know the lives of the rich and poor. At first, we didn’t care about the past, but when we discovered monuments and mysteries, mankind was curious to know what happened. Before, we got artifacts as art, or just to get rich. But, questions popped up and we changed the rules of archaeology.

Another reason why we study the past is that we want to know what events happened and why. We didn’t know what the Stonehenge was for, but we inferred that it might’ve been a clock! We want to know what the pyramids were for, so we might in the future!

The final reason why we study the past is that we can learn from it. Lost cities can explain why it is bad to live there. Pompeii became a tourist spot but it never grew back to a full blown major city to live in. Lost projects can be found and could benefit the whole of mankind.

These are the top three reasons why archaeologists study the past.

Post #6: Our Archaeology Essential Questions.

Post #5: My Opinion PEEL Paragraph

I think that kids should not be making thought notes or something like the Action, Words, So What.

First of all, the hardest thing to do is to lose the book, write down your thoughts and get into your book. I bet everyone reluctantly closes their book to write down their first thought because if they don’t they have to fill out slip for why you didn’t do homework. It’s easy to get lost in a good book but once you write down a thought, your brain goes on to focus for those possible questions, and you don’t actually ‘read’ the book anymore, your just looking for thoughts that can come up. Finally, everyone can do mentally, it’s just that teachers want you to do it so that you might not forget it the next day.
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Post #4: My PEEL Paragraph on a Book Character

The Death Cure

By James Dashner

By the way, there will be spoilers!

Thomas is a brave, loyal boy who has no intentions of death, but swears vengeance on WICKED. He is brave in a stupid way, throwing himself in stupid situations just to help his friends. Thomas can be unpredictable, as he can be angry to confused in a few seconds but he is lovable and no doubt, a hero. Continue reading

Post #3 My Writers Circle Story

At the airport, Phillip woke up with the familiar roar of the engine and g-force pressing against his chest. Finally, they were taking off. When they got into the air, immediately the plane lurched to the right, which caused the plane to fall a few feet. A few cries broke out but the plane steadied itself and rose into the clouds. The speaker came on, and a voice came out, though it wasn’t completely a voice. It was a harsh metallic sound, mixed with the hums of a human. Almost like choking out word from a robot.

*SORRY FOR THE TURBULENCE* choked the speaker.

It was then, where Phillip got suspicious. Before Phillip moved to Shirland, he lived in his family’s home home. His family was so rich, that every member of the family had their own mini-house. As Phillip grew up over the past 11 years, he had always wanted to be detective Finding out clues or discovering a mystery was a perfect match for his mysterious character. As the flight attendants served lunch, the plane swerved wildly the side again, this time to the left. The plane then recollected itself like the first time, and the same scratchy voice came over the speaker. Continue reading


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