Post #9: A Letter From Salva’s Father

Jan 21, 2007?

Dear beloved wife,

Something incredible has happened. It was another day at the hospital, I was hoping that I would get better. All these drinks of water have actually trying to been killing me. I was napping when this grown man comes up to me and says hello. I thought he wanted money or something but I said hello back. He said his name was SALVA. I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or cry. He did not look like little Salva at all. Yet, his voice and comfort seem familiar. The man told me of his journeys throughout the desert, and as I listened, I believed that this man was Salva. Continue reading

My Winter Break

Over the break, I went to London, then Paris. I had many ups and downs, but overall it was a very fun and exciting experience.

My family took a 13 hour trip to London, which was soooo boring, but at least there were new movies that I haven’t seen. I seemed forever to get to our apartment but finally, we did. For the next few days, we visited some of most biggest tourist spots there: Big Ben, the London Eye, and we even saw the famous bridges. One of my parent’s friends showed us around the local neighborhood. I loved the lightly salted chips. Continue reading