Post #12 Newsela Article Summary PEEL Paragraph

Newsela | How a grower produced the world’s most fiery chili pepper.

I think that telling me the units of spiciness: Scoville Heat Units (SHUs), helped me alot by understanding how spicy it is.

Mind-boggling examples like burning through gloves in 15 minutes or tricking the brain that you’re on fire is enough to tell me that I shouldn’t mess with Currie and his peppers. Continue reading

Post #11: Writers Circle 2 Story Draft


On the 24th night of December, David was just putting up the final decorations for Christmas. Along with the red and green lights and the tall-standing tree, hidden on the bottom of the chimney was a snare net. The cookies and milk were drugged with sleep serum, and the tree was lined with exploding ornaments.


David had never been a big fan of Santa. In fact, he might’ve hated him! His parents had died when he was just 7. Ever since, he had never received gifts from him. Every Christmas, he would get a piece of paper saying, it’s not my fault. He lived in a foster-home, with 12 other kids! Now, he has grown-up and wants to take out revenge on Santa. Continue reading