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Newsela | How a grower produced the world’s most fiery chili pepper.

I think that telling me the units of spiciness: Scoville Heat Units (SHUs), helped me alot by understanding how spicy it is.

Mind-boggling examples like burning through gloves in 15 minutes or tricking the brain that you’re on fire is enough to tell me that I shouldn’t mess with Currie and his peppers.

Before I even finished the page, I imagined if they made pepper spray from this. 1.56 million SHUs in a bottle, compared to 10,000 SHU which is enough to make you curl up and die. When I read that he already cross-bred hotter peppers, and the hottest was twice as hot as the “world’s hottest pepper”. Now I think: While testing the new spray, the liquid burned out of the container and set fire to the facility!  2.83 million SHUs compared to 1.56-million!? Forget it.
Now that I know that wasabi is literally nothing compared to the Reaper, I’m going to cry of I see a reapers in a restaurant.

3 thoughts on “Post #12 Newsela Article Summary PEEL Paragraph

  1. I’m not sure what this really is…?, but it sounds interesting. I would recommend giving more info an explaining what it is, but good job!

  2. I guess you chose a very interestion topic, just like what Chrsitina had said. It’s a little confusing, but I like that you added in some of your opinions to the summary. Cool article!

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