My Spring Break

Well, to sum up all of my break, I would say… disease. No… I’m honest. My family decided to start our spring break by helping with the poor, so we packed our bags and hopped into a plane… straight to a big fancy hotel. Yup, we were helping people so much. The next day was work work work. I thought “Okay, we are just helping out, it won’t be that hard.”

We took 2 hour car trips 5 times. We climbed up and down a mountain where people with leprosy where exiled which was so hard, sweat was pouring down my face. We planned to get home by 7, but apparently on the way back, a trucks tire had popped, and had caused the entire freeway a 2 hour delay. Finally, shivering with anger since I had planned some computer time, and now I can only bath, because my sister won’t allow me to until I took a bath or else I would get the bed dirty (the hotel only gave 2 beds, so my sister and I had to share one). I had big plans for for Day 2. Games and swimming. And that’s what we kind of did for the rest of the 2 days.

Once my family got back, my mom and I immediately came down with fever. For three days we were in bed, heads throbbing, moaning in distress. After I got better, I decided I should stretch out by going shopping with my ayi and sister, so I went, but when I came back, I realized that I had caught a cold, even though I still had a little fever. So I was in bed again, with a fever and a cold, so I was sweating when I was cold, and I could feel that I was cold, but the sweat wasn’t helping. The only good part was that my mom had plans for swimming all week long, but getting sick fixed all of that.

Latest Version Of My New Story

The Story Story

By Austin Li


The following warnings are not to be criticized and should be followed with strictest laws. Any violation shall end badly for you, and the writing crew shall not take any credit for loss or damage.


This story is purely made up. Any criticism towards anybody and to you is totally coincidental. If this is torrented (even though this is a document and I know,) who cares? I am not selling it; but if you’re willing…

Anyways, since what you are about to read is not a story, I am going to tell you what this ‘story’ is all about. It is about a story within a story, where a writer is writing to finish writing down the story in the story. Then, someone reads the out-story and the writer realizes that, and creates a story about the reader. So sit back a relax, as the story unfolds with things that you do not want to read!

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Hunting Haiku and Where Am I? poem


A pond too quiet

There paddles a lonesome duck

BANG goes the shotgun.


Dark, cold, quiet.

Where am I?

Smelly, scary, wide.

Where am I?

Deep rumbles and ghost-like reflections,

Everlasting darkness and endless directions.

Where am I?

The wide wooden door is opened with a thud,

I’m in the bathroom.