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My PEEL Paragraph

I think that the fire starter bracelets as an excellent idea, but can also introduce more danger and violence to the world.

A famous example was the 9/11 incident. Security reports say that one gun was smuggled in, but other terrorists carried knifes disguised as cigarette lighters. With this bracelet, weapons such as the knife or fire starter, can act as weapons and even more so on airplanes.

“But Grayson’s products, which he currently makes himself at his home, hide some unique and potentially lifesaving items.”

Airport security measures have increased dramatically over the past years, but this idea can over leap that. People wear can wear the bracelet next to their watch, and security will never know it. People have clever ways to hide things, but this “lifesaving” invention could be life-threatening.

Overall, I think the initial idea and product was a great idea, but think outside the box of just using it for survival. I do think that idea of using this invention could take down an 777 is a little hard to believe, but then again, the events of 9/11 were hard to believe.